Oct 19, 201881 views

Gamepad for a shooter with a built-in mouse on a gyroscope


- The speed and accuracy is almost like a normal mouse, and do not sit at the table.
- Rotate 360 ​​degrees and more.
- No need to use auto-aiming anymore.
- Training on a gamepad for everyone who tried, takes 10-15 minutes of the game.
- The Clow method is no longer needed, because the thumb of the right hand is always free to press the ABXY buttons.
- Do not hold hands together, it is very convenient.
- PC players can now play stress-free shooters on a gamepad :-)
- Planned support for PS4 and Xbox.
- The project at the stage of a working prototype.

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samsly7 and gorian2222

That looks like something Nintendo should buy as a flagship version of the current Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons.
Just by looking at the pictures i think the buttons are too high but once in the video they look fine, the thing that bugs me are the triggers, im not really a fan for slim triggers (like those in the ps2 controller) so o wonder if you could release it with bigger triggers or a modular version to customize it