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waterproof FP ink?

I'm looking to do some watercolor illustrations with ink outlines, and would like to do them with my lamy 2000 ef. Up until now I've been using iroshizuku fuyu-syogun ink, but that isn't going to work here not only because it's water soluble, but also because I need a super black ink to stand out. What inks would you recommend for this purpose?

Sailor kiwaguro black pigment ink. Rubinato Nero Inchiostro writing ink. Neither are entirely waterproof in that some black will wash off the surface if you throw water on the page after the ink has dried, but that certainly won't obliterate the marks left by your pen to any extent. I could've suggested Noodler's X-Feather ink, which is pretty much waterproof, but in my experience it's more grey than black coming out of a very fine nib.
Montblanc permanent blue or black ISO certified fountain pen ink for documents.
Montblanc permanent blue or black are ISO certified document inks.
Depending on your specific needs, you could also look at Iron Gall ink. Diamine has a Registrar Blue/Black ink that looks fairly nice. Though, the ink is also acidic at that point; so not the greatest for archival purposes.
I don't really suggest iron gall if you are using a piston because its harder to clean and iron gall is damaging to fps
De Atramentis and Noodler's both make document/bullet-proof/permanent inks that work in fountain pens. Take a look at those.
Platinum carbon black is very popular.