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With esports becoming ever more popular I thought I'd see what games or teams specifically folks here enjoy watching.
Personally I've enjoyed watching the Rainbow Six Pro League. This was a particularly fun/hilarious round (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTZ-WSOE1rM). This was a total ass-kicking with G2 leaving out their best player and letting their analyst play instead. One of the most one sided matches of any game I've ever seen.
What games or teams do you like to follow or watch? Does anyone gather with friends to watch esports games like people do for traditional sports games, or maybe you have a bar that plays esports?
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Rainbow six siege is the best esports to watch.
As a traditional sports is a joke. Just nerds playing video games for money. The whole thing offend. I rather play than watching people play.
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Other sports ? Sports is a sports.
Wouldn’t you rather play football than watch the super bowl?
Starcraft 2
Rocket League is the best. RLCS actually starts this Saturday. If anyone is interested, checkout rocketleagueesports.com 
Thanks! I'll definitely give this a try!
It's RLRS playins this weekend right?
In the last couple of years the R6S Pro League was my jam, but I'm slowly coming back to watch LCS and RLCS
The osu! MWC.
I LOVE WATCHING FORTNITE SKIRMISHES, Me, my family, and my friends gather to watch the fortnite skirmishes.
I like R6S pro league as well, but it’s just too hard to watch sometimes since players are active across so many parts of the map. It’s needs a better spectate tool where we can choose to follow individual players or something. I much prefer to watch CS:GO tournaments. My favorite team is ENCE. JK. My favorite team is the Brazilian roster, currently known as MIBR. It’s sad to see them in this slump, but I really think they can get their act together and beat the current leaders in the game.
The OWL (Overwatch League) is currently set up more like a standard professional sports league, with weekly games, home and away games/jerseys, city affiliation, and even TV broadcasting for most of the games. It's been crazy watching the structure of the esport form and more engaging over a longer period of time, rather than a single weekend tournament like so many other esports out there. The teams I've been following primarily are the Vancouver Titans, and Guangzhou Charge. Other tournaments I've seen that we're highly enjoyable were the TESL (the Elder Scrolls Legends) grand championship, and the Age of Empires 2 grand championship.
Age of Empires 2 10/10.
I'm loving the Smash tournaments atm. Crazy how good some of these dudes are.
World of Warcraft Arena competition
Dota 2 is my go to! I've been playing for 8 years now and the esports community just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, especially with large scale $25.5m tournaments like The International. This is such a good watch to give you a unique feel of the pressure that comes with the Grand Finals of a tournament like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv4CqIxqTMA
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I did say esports
Should call it e games. Not e sport. To me is like playing a game of chess and strategy. Only reaction and timing of getting crit hit and farming.
Rocket League is 100% my jam for e-sports. Attended the most recent world championship in Las Vegas and had an amazing time. Seeing the games in person and the crowds reactions the whole time really made it. Thousands of people all exploding when the NA team takes the win in the grand finals.
Love watching the Smite pro league and even some of the teams in the minors.
A bunch of friends and I always watch the Overwatch pro league games and just are amazed at how good the people are.
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the only problem is that the rules set up for pro players are extremely strict. XQC for example shouldn't have had half the charges that was filed against him, yes some of them was offensive, but the other half is well known twitch memes etc. Also personally I believe that without XQC overwatch league is boring af(hes the one who makes all of the meme plays.).
We hope you enjoyed your stay. I love XQC also.
This is a PHENOMENAL game from the Rainbow Six Pro League that happened in Rio over the weekend, with many people (including the commentators) saying it was their favorite match of Pro League Rainbow Six ever. Matches like this are really why I like watching esports. Here's the overview of this match: Fnatic are a small team from Australia that were probably the lowest ranked team in the tournament, with no real expectations on them at all. Evil Geniuses are the top seated North America team that are expected to make it to the finals. To make matters worse for Fnatic, their in game leader had emergency surgery to have his apendix removed the day before the tournament and wasn't able to make the tournament. A replacement player was setup but their flight was cancelled, so their Coach that hasn't played the game on PC ever really fills in. This is a totally one sided match. The commentators say things like "everything points to EG," "One team has a bit of a Himalayan task ahead of them." They essentailly predict this game will be so easy for EG that they won't even play to their top level as to not show any new strategies before the final. What happens next is something nobody saw coming. Fnatic vs EG - Rainbow Six Pro League
Me & a bunch of friends always get together to watch the big nalcs/worlds (league of legends) matches . TSM! TSM! TSM!!!!
I really enjoy watching League of Legends NALCS. Team Liquid is my favorite team.
Counter strike and smash are the esports I watch on a consistent basis but I like watching any.
A true classic
Rocket League does it for me. Don't fully understand playing soccer with cars but I can't look away. lol https://giphy.com/gifs/RCxNrXG5RIF4k/html5
I'm more of a fgc type of guy. I watch a lot of smash and dbz and sometimes street fighter.
Happy feet. Wombo Combo.
yo did he just walk up slowly, and down smash?
CS GO is probably the biggest FPS game out there in E sports
The PUBG Global Invitational was one of the first esports tournaments I've ever watched and I thought it was exceptionally well produced, the North American finals was awesome and then the production quality in Berlin blew me away. I'm also watching COD on twitch a lot lately but it's faster paced than PUBG and I don't feel it has the same variety in the action or as much strategy overall...
YAS is my favorite video game
Overwatch League
Favorite team?
omg sorry for late reply but NYXL/Spitfire/Chengdu
High level Starcraft 2 is my favorite E-Sport to watch. And now is a good time to start watching and/ or playing; the gap between Korean and Non-Koreans is closing, slowly but surely
Won 1st place in the Doom (2016) tournament at Quakecon 2018, However, Quake Champions is by far my favorite game to watch. I’m semi-pro at Quake.
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Was so proud when she recognized a Soldier 76 costume yesterday!
Heck yea!
Rocket League Championship Series starts in a couple weeks and I can't wait. It's probably the only game I really enjoy watching someone else play edit: oh yea, the highlight reel for the season so far is fun to watch https://youtu.be/2NBKDiqEtn4
Who are you going for this season?
I always have a soft spot for the old teams like G2 and F3, but I obviously think the odds are still in Dignitas's favor. They are 100% the team to beat right now. I would also like to see NRG get it together since garret and jstn are too good to not make top 4.
With 6000 ingame hours in cs I've obviously always been hard core into cs. Always followed every tournament except this year and last year. Recently got inte siege so I try to watch pro league and different siege matches whenever I can to become a better player. Currently gold 1 with ~40-50h ingame. Tryin to push diamond with a friend lmao.
Good luck!
I have won many GO4 tournaments in Rainbow Six Siege and that is a great way to get on the competitive scene in Rainbow Six Siege.