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Reasonably priced jeans?

So I'm wondering if Massdrop is ever going to drop reasonably priced jeans? Because there's no way in hell I'm buying a $100 pair of jeans if I can't try them on first...
I mean, come on. There's great deals on this site but the "Men's Apparel" section is severely lacking in that department.

Hey Paul - what do you consider reasonably priced? What is your go-to jean currently?
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All well taken (especially the 'dude' - it hits me right in the feels) & completely understood. It is a challenge for everyone - we are going to be coming out with some incredible hand-feel products and nothing would sell them better than getting em on body. I greatly appreciate the leap of faith. Please let me know how it goes. Here to help!
Definitely will and looking forward to the new offerings! Thanks again fof for your thoughtful response(s), John.