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Helm Studio Planar

I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an ad for Helm Audio and their imminent Studio Planar headphones, launching in 11 days. Always like being up to date one what's current with planars, so I clicked. I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I wasn't able to find info on their site about whether these headphones are open or closed back, but they're marketed as portable, and accept a single 3.5mm cable. This means you can use them with your favorite Android or iOS cable! I'll be using my q-Jays Android cable, because 3-button remote for Android! 🙂 Besides that, Helm claims to be using the world's first rectangular driver, as opposed to a square or circular driver, with supposedly less distortion. With 66mm drivers, these planars have a frequency response range of 10 - 50,000 Hz, with a SPL in excess of 100dB despite the unit's 42 Ohm impedance. Good specs for a $350 pair of headphones. This product already seems to be an excellent value, but I'm sure we can get an even better deal by bringing it to Massdrop. Here's a link to the product page on Helm's official website (I don't know why the url has the incorrect product name): Here is the Massdrop poll:

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Please vote on the poll. :(
That +/- 10% on the impedance gives me some pause for concern.....
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Truly a shame. These come in $100 less than the PM-3 ever did, so I definitely want to give them a shot. I also made a poll for them.
On a side note, if you don't have super large ears the Audeze Sine is like a baby HE500 IMO. It does not have the roomiest cups however and is a bit demanding for a mobile focus can.
Intriguing... I want to test some
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Me three
I made a poll