Nov 3, 2018

Gaming Computer

My husband plays War Commander through Facebook and experiences lags and gets kicked off sometimes. Not sure if its the game server or his computer. Any recommendations for a decent computer (laptop hopefully) that can handle that kind of game well? He doesn't use it for much else except email, and web browsing. Thanks.

I think any new laptop could run this if it has over a i7 and 8 gb of ram. You could probably even use integrated graphics from the processer anyways
i have never played that game before but computer games can be demanding. Look for laptop with good processing speed. I5 or i7, a good bit of RAM like about 16 meg, and a good graphics card. Marketed “gamer” laptops are expensive. It doesn’t have to say gamer to be a good gamer computer. His FB game is not going to be as demanding as other games.
Thanks, this helps!