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New Community Mega Thread: Outdoors

UPDATE (Feb 16th, 2017): Outdoors is its own community

UPDATE (Feb 15th, 2017): Outdoors is becoming its own community! After the great response from everyone, it is graduating out of incubation and we are preparing for a super exciting launch. The Outdoors Community will be launched as a stand alone community this Friday (February 17th).

UPDATE (Feb 3rd, 2017): New drops will be launching everyday for Outdoors. Please take a look at the new drop here

UPDATE (Feb 1st, 2017): And it's on! Commerce team is starting to launch drops for 'Outdoors' starting tomorrow. As you can see :)

UPDATE (Jan 31st, 2017): Our Commerce team has been planning on drops for Outdoors and we'll start listing them on Massdrop Hub later this week.

We’re excited to introduce Outdoors as the first new community to launch on Massdrop Hub. Many members have shared ideas for new communities, but none has been so hotly requested as a more general community for those who love the great outdoors.
What can we expect in the Outdoors Community?
We’re glad you asked! “Outdoors” is pretty broad, so to keep the focus strong, we’ll be concentrating on the following subcategories during the community’s launch:
  1. Camping and hiking
  2. Climbing and mountaineering
  3. Seasonal sports (for example, this time of year, it’s all about snow sports)
As the community builds, we’ll introduce more subcategories using polls and new discussion threads.
How can I let Massdrop know what I want in Outdoors?
We’ve created some polls to gather input on products and brands from all of you. Please vote in these polls and feel free to create more—we’re here and paying attention to make sure we bring you exactly what you want.

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May 17, 2017
I was tidying and setting gear out when I thought it would be great to see some options on personal handheld GPS devices and software or accessories add-ons.
Mar 17, 2017
Any chance snowboarding/ski equipment/gear getting some Massdrop treatment? I was thinking since it's seasonal there could be good chance of getting consistent/yearly deals (Idk if it works that way) but there's definitely lots of things to be sold. A lot of my friends go skiing/snowboarding and lots of them would probably end up buying other stuff from the other communities in Massdrop. Plus we all kind of hop on sales for winter gear/clothes/equipment every chance we get every year. What do ya say?!?!
Outdoors is becoming its own community! After the great response from everyone, it is graduating out of incubation and we are preparing for a super exciting launch. The Outdoors Community will be launched as a stand alone community this Friday (February 17th).
Feb 15, 2017
Would love to see an angling community!
Feb 12, 2017
I guess I'm still confused. It sounded like you were going to start an Outdoors community but it wasn't ready yet. OK, I eventually got that. Now I'm seeing drops with the words "NEW COMMUNITY: OUTDOORS" but when I go to the Communities dropdown it's missing. But I do see them under Massdrop Hub community (which just seems weird to me). I think it would be easier for people to find the drops if they could subscribe and view the Outdoors community. I can't believe I'm the only one being confused by this roll out -- looking forward to the new community though.
The idea is to launch a new community in Massdrop Hub which acts like an incubator to see how it would perform before the full roll out. Here is a link with how this process will take place: That being said, an "Outdoors" community is pretty much certain and we'll soon be making an update about when it is launching.
I hear you about the surfacing of drops for the new communities being incubated within Massdrop Hub and we are working on it.
Feb 12, 2017
Thanks for pointing me to that article. It made the process much clearer.
In the current Massdrop web design, there appear to be a hierarchical grouping of various communities under "Communities" which is represented by the drop down at the top of the page. What isn't shown, is that there is a sub-hierarchy under Massdrop Hub for the incubator communities. This is what confused me because I wanted to see the Outdoor community but it's not listed.
May I make a humble suggestion or two. If you want to have the new communities under the Massdrop Hub community, it might be nice to have the dropdown (and the subsequent community page) clearly show these communities. Alternately, you might want to have a new top level drop down on the page saying something like "Beta Communities" (Incubator Communities?) that would make it easier to access them and to make it clear that these are still in the beginning/testing phase and haven't been incorporated into the main Communities structure.
It's good that Massdrop is changing to reflect the communities interest. I'm looking forward to the Outdoor community and would like to see all the drops/discussions/polls/etc and also to subscribe -- even if it's only a beta community which may undergo changes or be dropped completely.
The outdoors means to me hunting and fishing, reels, rods, tackle, and stuff like that, hunting isn't all guns and ammo plus to be a vendor for that there are LOADS of restrictions in the states and the ability to vend weapons is restrictive in and of its self. Just providing things like hunting vests in orange to comply with laws and get some function for the added clothing, maybe some thermal clothing, camouflage, game calls, and more to garner some interest from this group of people. There are more things you could provide there just needs to be some research to find out if there is a community here that will want these offerings or if they are looking for something else.
Feb 9, 2017
I would like to see a drop on external frame, modular MOLLE/Malice packs that can be reconfigured for a wide variety of use by adding day packs, duffles, dry bags, pouches, used as a pack board, etc. Examples such as the J51 Warhammer from Eberlestock, Kifaru package, Mystery Ranch built on the NICE frame etc.





Feb 7, 2017
Would love to have Canoe and Kayak represented here...Wilderness Systems, Necky, Perception, Jackson, NRS, Kokatat, Werner paddles, AT, Bending Branches, Wenonah, Yakima, Stohlquist and many, many more.
Would also love to have more Tenkara fishing stuff (now in Ultralight) and regular flyfishing. St. Croix, Sage, Lamson, Ross, TFO, Rio, Scientific Angler, and so on.
Finally, it would be great to have archery represented, not necessarily bow hunting, but archery. Martin, Bear, Hoyt, Samick, Easton arrows, Truglo, Matthews, Morell and Block targets, Delta McKenzie targets, Allen accessories, NAP, Quad arrow rests, Trophy Ridge, etc.
Feb 4, 2017
Evolve climbing shoes Petzel hardware
Feb 4, 2017
Climbing Gear and knives
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