Console vs PC: Which should you buy?

Setting the Stage The debate on which platform is best for gaming has been raging since the beginning of time....of gaming.
The Rules of Debate Be nice. I've seen people get heated over this topic and that is not what I'm looking for here. This is more than a debate about what platform is "better." In some ways you can prove this on paper but in many others it remains entirely subjective. I'd really like to hear what you enjoy gaming on, and why.

I'll Start...
For me, I'm an avid enough gamer, with time really being the restricting factor when it comes to how much/many games I play. I also game on multiple platforms, both PC and XBOX.
For me, gaming is all about the time online with family and friends. I move enough that I have lots of friends and family that live all over the place. I'm also not the guy that's going to call you up and ask how you are doing, even if you're my brother haha. I will however jump into a game of Battlefield on XBOX with the main intention of catching up in a party chat, and maybe having a few only-in-Battlefield moments along the way. My little brother and I have kept up via console party chat for years, we even got my pops an XBOX and a few games just so we could talk to him every once in a while (again, not the phone type). I think the main draw of consoles these days is the accessibility. You don't have to do much research. You don't have to make a budget and piece anything together. You even have brick and mortar stores that still heavily cater just to console gamers where you can ask questions. Accessibility is a huge plus in my book.
PC Gaming on the other hand is an entirely different beast for me. It is a much more selfish hobby in my case. For me, the planning, research, and execution of building a PC was the main draw of owning a gaming PC, not the gaming itself. Some folks build models or exquisite wood furniture, others build hot rods, I build computers (and keyboards).
Beyond the build, there are a few benefits to PC Gaming that I've experienced. There is of course the graphics, not only in resolution, but in frame rate. For me gaming at 144hz is the only thing I truly love about PC gaming over console gaming (console always looks choppy to me if I directly move from one to the other). Furthermore I've found that games are generally much cheaper on PC, much thanks to Steam sales and HumbleBundle. Still, just based on how I choose to spend my time, generally selecting to be more social if I'm going to play games, I tend to play console more often than PC just because gaming alone just isn't a heap of fun to me.
So what would I personally conclude?
Well, really it just comes down to the fact that I'll play games where my friends play games and enjoy each platform for much different reasons.
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Aug 31, 2019
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Apr 12, 2019
without anti-consumer exclusive games on consoles they couldnt hold themselves on todays market. there is litterally nothing a console can do that a pc cant but a shitload of stuff that the pc can to while consoles cant.
Apr 11, 2019
With close to every major part of a PC as well as other public offerings coming up with a way to game with the power of a GTX1080 and I7 8700K with 32GB RAM and (like seriously peeps, no real noticeable latency when compared to playing a game, even shooters on the very same rig (which - with 60 MB download 20 upload internet connection - Both Nvidia’s option ”Geforce Now” as well as “SHADOW GAMING”, with the later being my favorite on account of it seamlessly playing and seamlessly SWITCHING... on everything I have with a screen and an internet connection is just the bees knees. Confirmed seamless and latency free gaming tested with Shadow Gaming Services include: android tab or phone, iPad or iPhone, MacOSX, WIN10, Linux, their own set top box for 65 inch type 4K 60FPS STREAMING performance AND just starting beta testing an app for the Apple TV 4K as of last night. Also, they flat out give you admin rights to a windows rig. You can load Music Production software or 4K vid editing for all they seem to care - it’s yours until you cut the bill off. Most competing services like Gefore now give an Android desktop like interface with limited launchers or worse yet, Steam only access considering the way everyone and their Moms lovers developer has their own game launcher now. This is going to change the PC Gaming landscape, I just don’t know how much. It’s like an old similarity between it and the benefits of some sort of public transportation.... People just love their Cars. Cars in this case being their own best PCs. So it wont be immediate, but with Google, Intel, NVIDIA and 3rd party’s specializing in it like Shadow it will change a little, at least.
Apr 11, 2019
(Still looking for the BOTH ALL DAY ALL NIGHT Option)
Apr 7, 2019
I'm a fan of older consoles due to their simple controls, however i am not a fan of newer consoles . I am not good with aiming with a controller, and due to this i prefer PC for accuracy.
Apr 3, 2019
to me it depends on the game. as both have their pros/cons. to me the PC is more for indie and mouse/keyboard games (like minecraft, some shooters) but if a controller works best for the gamer go console. now here's my pros/cons. console. pro: requires you to buy a console every generation, but that's generally cheaper than a new top of the line GPU. pro: games are stable in general (unless playing fallout) con: locked into one company's approved games. and software (to an extent. CFW allows emulation, but i'm not going to get into that) pro: generally comes with a well designed controller (one notable exception is the ouya) and generally can use a keyboard for games designed for it. PC con: sometimes requires an upgrade to play the newest games, that sometimes costs more then a console games are less stable than the console counterpart. con: a "Gaming system" has a HUGE up front charge in the thousands. pro: BUT that can last a LONG time after being used as a gaming PC (i just upgraded my 10 year old pc based on the q6600 due to a failing mobo) so it makes GREAT hand me downs pro, can emulate older systems as long as your hardware is powerful enough. pro: many AAA devs finally supporting it. so many modern games will EVENTUALLY get released. con: will have fewer AAA titles due to exclusivity agreements. well as you can tell im a console gamer but i do play a few (as in like 4) PC games on an infrequent basis. minecraft java, auditorium, audiosurf 1 and 2.
Apr 2, 2019
i want buy pc
Apr 2, 2019
Definitely PC, it can do pretty much anything whereas consoles mostly only do gaming and movies. However if you have a potato pc like mine with a Nvidia GT 710 you probably want a console. It’s dependant on the specs but I personally like Pc better.
Mar 26, 2019
If money isn’t an issue and you’re playing shooters and want to play at the highest level and the best competition... PC. If you’re playing with your friends then the majority is going to have a PS4 or Xbox 1. Not surely, but likely. Consoles provide a less expensive platform. I chose PC to learn to use mouse and key for shooters. I’m happy with my decision. If money isn’t an issue, have both!
Mar 8, 2019
I personally am an avid PS4 gamer, and I understand what people feel about PC as well. Many pick PC games because of the library of games available and the intuitiveness of the keyboard system, as well as how much it can be used for. I would personally prefer to own a PC, but even just an original release PS4 (which I use) or an XBOX can very well be viable for many games, along with some KB&M compatible games. I think that it should really be based upon personal preference and the price range that you can work with. If you want to stay on a low budget for a good experience, I would recommend a console, but if you want a higher price great gaming experience and the versatility of being able to work on a strong PC, invest in a solid custom built tower PC. Either way, its mostly based on person preference, as long as you want to have a good time.
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