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Budget Assisted Opening Knife

Can you guys recommend an assisted opening knife that’s under 50$? I will be using it for Scouting purposes so nothing too strenuous.
Rhenry1369 and CommonSenseUsed

In addition to what's been mentioned, Ontario Rat 1. CRKT Ripsnort. Sanrenmu 9002 and 9015. both under $20 and you absolutely would not be able to guess by handling them.
Kershaw take your pick. You can’t realy go wrong. If you spend a bit more $70-$85 you can get m390 link or s30v blur. The s30v blur would be my suggestion for your porpoises. It will hold its edge and it’s a great size for multiple camp tasks.
Kershaw makes a ton of affordable knives that are under $50.00. I would look at them since they have a good track record with knives and they are owned by the same company that owns Zero Tolerance which is Kai USA. Also, the Ontario RAT I and II are really good knives too.
Assisted opening are not aloud in Scouting, go with a light weight Buck knife. The best assisted opening Kershaw is the Knockout its thin in the pocket, but has a lot of blade.
It's about the "troops"policy. Scouts let's the troop delegate what type of knife and knife length etc.
Also following state laws of course.
Kershaw’s assisted opening knives are one of your better bets in that price range. I agree though that an assisted opening really isn’t necessary. If that’s your preference though, go for it.
Being honest. I really don't think assisted blades are necessary for scouting but, whatever. I know that money is burning a hole in your pocket. I'd save up a little more the Kershaw's always seem heavy in the pocket to me. I really liked my first peanut Case knife in Scouts. But kids like a big knife so I'd say go Ontario Rat 1 talk about heavy. I know people are going to roll their eyes get a Benchmade. Bugout is the one I'm carrying at the moment. It's really light and you even forget you have it. "cough-cough" walking through a metal detector at a court house. Or, Save up and get a Pro-tech Godfather I love that thing. But in true fidget spinner fashion has to be a Benchmade. Good luck Save up.
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I meant that I’m pretty well off for the area that I live in and I carry a decent sum in my wallet. I’m also not talking about scouts when I’m talking about weird kids. I’m talking about random people that always seem sketchy and are smoking something under their hood and facing you with their hand in their pocket. I also walk a mile to and from school and I see a lot of homelessness and prostitution going on. Kinda sketchy, ya know what I mean.
I still don't think a knife is the right choice. I recommend a decoy wallet cheap and easy to make. Go to Ross get a wallet for 5-10 bucks and keep all your old used gift cards and put them in there to fill the wallet up and put 2 one dollar bills in there. When some asks you, "Give me all your money." you give him the the decoy and say that's all I have pulling out the change in your pocket just to make it seem real. I have walked 14 miles a day for about 4 months because my car broke down. home to work, work to school, school to work, and work to home. It was crazy for a bit. But made it work for the time being. Usually people won't mess with younger kids because they cant get anything out of them. Now if you flashing your money around that's your problem. Prostitutes won't mess with you because they won't think you have money homeless won't mess with you either. If the homeless have mental problems try not to engage, don't look at them. If you do engage what they do next that matters you will have to act accordingly. Most of the time you will be fine. Don't stress over it anxiety will kill you faster then anything, be aware of your surroundings. Don't be listen to music. Look ahead don't look down at your feet when walking. Try to get some cheap sunglasses. So you can look around without moving your head. Make it hard for people to see what your looking at. Thats about all I got. Good Luck Buddy
I have several Schrades that are AO. For the price, most under $20, they are quite good. There are a lot of Kershaws that fit this. I would avoid the Kershaws with the booby prize steel, 3Cr13. You can actually pick up a few Leeks for under $50.00. That's a winner. The Boker Plus Kalishnikov is an auto, at about $40. Aluminum scales. That got so many good reviews, that I got one without handling it. (I normally would not consider getting a BP without having it in hand.)
A knife that sounds like a gun designer is fine with me lol.
CRKT has some excellent, utilitarian and sturdy blades. My EDCs are both CRKTs, they keep an edge and are sturdy, fast opening, good clips.
Kershaw is probably where I would look at this price, especially if you're set on an assisted knife. The leek is a good choice, It has a very thin slicey blade but the thin tip is easily broken if you're putting it to hard use. Usually available around $40. If you're looking for a bit sturdier assisted Kershaw, the blur is often available for under $50 in bd1 or 14c28n. Tanto or slightly recurved drop point blade. There is a s30v version but it's out of the the price range. The link and the dividend are great assisted flippers and well under $50 but 420hc steel will require more frequent sharpening. They have better steel versions available (S35vn and m390) but not at that price.
I agree with the above poster. Kershaw makes great AOs for cheap. And up. I just signed up for the Kershaw Leak in CF with CPM-154. Not cheap, but a great price here. And I have a Launch 7. I have a couple of AO Schrades that are decent, and really cheap.
I would look at the Kershaws (like the Cryo) they have a really smooth action - AG Russell had several in their weekly special at your price point and also check out Blade HQ. I also like the Timberline BattleHog and CRKT's. Good luck.
The Kershaw speed safe assisted opening knives are a quality budget knife. I have the Zing and Oso Sweet that I got from massdrop. I like the Oso Sweet better, it is lighter and the action is slightly better. The Oso Sweet has the black FRN scales.

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Thank you again kind sir
Are there any at the same price point as the AO knife?