Meet the SENSE75: Our Newest Keyboard

When we decided to create a new Drop-exclusive keyboard, we didn’t know we would land on a 75% layout. Back in early 2020, we kicked off concepting and preliminary specs around the idea of a gasket-mount keyboard. It was set to be an expansion of our existing lineup—and at the time, popular interest in gasket-mount builds seemed to align with interest in compact layouts. As a result, work on an “Alt Gasket Version” started in earnest with drawings and specifications.
It wasn’t long until we noticed a tidal wave of community interest for 75% layouts. In fact, it looked quite clear that 75% was “the new meta”—so ultimately, we decided to follow the community with our take on the 75% layout. That meant starting fresh with new drawings, new designs, and new engineering.

Features for Enthusiasts After finalizing the layout, we thought deeply about how to make a typing and customization experience that the community would love. Carefully incorporating user feedback and Mech Keys market trends, these were the features we knew we had to have: 1. South-facing switches to avoid keycap interference 2. Reliable hot-swappable sockets to maximize customization 3. PCB-mount stabilizers that come factory-tuned to minimize rattle 4. Innovative RGB underglow 5. Per-key RGB that can be customized 6. Accessible configuration software and QMK firmware (our new configurator will launch before the SENSE75 ships, more info to come soon) 7. A premium fit and finish, made of aircraft grade 6000-series aluminum 8. A gasket mount keyboard that genuinely provides a gasket feel Although it has taken far longer than we imagined possible, we’ve carefully and painstakingly achieved all of our design principles. Today, we’re proud to release our first Studio Story for the SENSE75. Hit “Request” to get more updates, and tune in next week to learn more about the SENSE75.

Isn't this just a rebadged Keychron V1-alike with a different case?
Unlikely. The V1 is not a gasket mount keyboard. Everyone has a 75% gasket keyboard now a days. it would be stupid not to have one in their line up.
Good point, the gasket is a differentiator!
Aug 8, 2022
Not much to add that has not been said below. In summary, I am already 'interested' but the following would move me to 'very interested' depending on price point.
  1. Wireless 2.4 and BT support in addition to usbc.
  2. pass through usb support when wired (I ended up loving this about the RK84 hooked up to some of my workstations).
  3. multi-layout support on the pcb. Not UK based but really looking forward to being able to use some of the stepped cap locks and iso return caps I have from many of my drop sets. So far I have missed every Zoom65 drop so still in the market :).
  4. VIA support (always good to have options)
  5. Price competetive
Aug 8, 2022
With Via's move to web only, I would thrown in a vote for Vial support. I like Vial more anyway, I'd never even heard of it until people on r/mechanicalkeyboards recommended it as a Via alternative when they announced they were going web only, so I gave it a try and found it to be a great app.
Aug 9, 2022
I’m sorry, I’m a noob when it comes to this. What is via/vial? What is the benefit of having a keyboard have BT? Same question for pass through USB support. Sorry, I’m stupid and trying to learn.
Aug 8, 2022
Make it via compatible. Via is the hobby standard. Anything else is a pain in the arse
Aug 8, 2022
For all the typists around here: you never look your keyboard, right? Glowing, and so on is useless for typists. Nevertheless the moonlander has 3 colored flashing leds to indicate the layer (so 8 layers). Not to talk about "double typing", and "triple typing" ("tap dance"), which I'm using a lot when I want to go on my cheating layer (60 times/seconds sending any key I want). And on the contrary to glowing, beeps and bops are very important. The moonlander has everything: glowing, beeps and bops. When I change the layers, I make it beep. So I know 100% for sure on which layer I am. Hot swappable is like glowing: it's only changing the bodywork without changing the engine. You need this maybe once or twice in the whole keyboard's lifetime. Still the moonlander has this too. Did I forget to tell about the online configurator for ergodox ez, and the moonlander? And how easy it is to compile + install QMK firmware to get a 100% customized configuration? The online configurator is already working. So you're already years behind the moonlander *before* launching it. Add beeps, bops, make it a silent keyboard, add a working online configuration, with a valuable documentation and maybe this could make a good product. Maybe.
Aug 8, 2022
To be honest. if the anodized surface is as what the photos are showing then I would not call this a premium option and charge people north of $200 for it. There have been a gazillion 75% out there with more features and decent fit and finish for a lower price. This SENSE75 just does not make sense.
Aug 8, 2022
Would buy if there will be an ISO Version, those tiny thin return keys drive me mad.
Aug 7, 2022
I saw the keyboard on display at the NorCal meetup two weeks ago and it looked very nice. But as someone who is not a touch typist and needs backlighting, the south-mount LEDs are a concern. Standard top-lit keycaps don't capture enough of the light and as a result are very hard to read in the daytime and not easy even at night. The "Pudding V2" keys by GMMK are better, but not nearly enough of an improvement. At present there are no top-lit PBT keycaps with the legends in the center or at the bottom. For my GMMK Pro, the only top-lit caps I've been able to find were the LTC LavaCaps, sadly no longer in production. I lucked out and purchased them when they were available, then paired them with Everglide Aqua Kings. The overall feel is quite good, but I was disappointed how much my choice was constrained by the lack of good keycap options. I'm not opposed to the south-mount LEDs; there are enough transparent/translucent switch options. But if you could source a good center- or bottom-legend backlit PBT keycap, it would make this keyboard a winner for those who occasionally need to look at the keys. Thanks so much!
Sign me up coach!!
Aug 7, 2022
Oh look , another non-full size keyboard.
Aug 8, 2022
Yeah valid point here. I know entry level kb fans tend to like the bigger boards, this seems like they are trying to make more headway into the mid-range kb market. I can understand how that could be leaving those wanting a true full-size behind
Aug 8, 2022
You are right. I mean a real 1800 high profile.
Aug 7, 2022
There are plenty of aluminum 75% keebs with this layout. It’s going to need to release with multiple colors, foams, multiple gasket materials, knob options, screw-in stabilizers and to be affordable. The GMMK pro, Akko MOD series and Keychron will likely still be better options unless you include these features. [edit]: If this keeb is north of $300 USD as a bare bones kit and DOES NOT have all these features, there is absolutely no reason to buy this over the other 75%’s I listed above. Maybe aside from south facing switches.
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Just got my Drop ALT and noticed the price dropped from $180 to $149. Can I get a price match? Also the "|\" key on my pcb board does not work.
Drop ALT Mechanical Keyboard x Halo Clear
Aug 9, 2022
price range questions and info ? matt3o nerd set
I have a full set of MATT3O NERD DSA KEYCAPs Purple Elvish Mono Legend style with all the extras around 190+ Keys in great only fitted and put back in bag condition. Looking to see what they are currently worth if i wanted to trade/resell them.
Aug 5, 2022
Upgraded my Drop Alt with a cheap EVGA Z15
When I saw the hotswappable EVGA Z15 keyboard was only 40 bucks and the same price as buying just the KAILH Bronze switches I wanted to try in my Drop Alt, I went ahead and bought it from Amazon. On prime day it was even cheaper at only 35 bucks, I can't say I regret paying the extra 5 for the value I got out of it though. I basically got a whole spare keyboard, keycaps, 8 free speed silvers, a switch and keycap puller, all for the same price as 110 Kailh Bronze switches I was already doing to buy. I used the keyboard for a few days before popping the switches out, and found the stabilizers on the spacebar to be much nicer than the ones in my 2 year old Alt (I understand Newer drop alts have a better stabs included). Out of curiosity I looked at the stabs in the Z15 and found them to be a match for the drop alt, and swapped them over, I didnt even have to unscrew anything, just popped them out with the tabs. My spacebar feels so much nicer now, and I didn't have to pay another 25...
Aug 5, 2022
Quick give em ideas
Hypothetically, imagine DROP could get any licensing rights for any past present and future GMK set, and make it in DCX, what would it be? (ima start stirring the pot with DCX Nuclear Data)
Aug 5, 2022
Drop Control Connection Issue
When I plug the keyboard into a computer, it usually takes anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds before the LED’s power on and my inputs go through. Is there any reason for this? Thanks!
Aug 4, 2022
GMK Kaiju with some warnings on my D84. Powered by a Mechcables B&W cable, and sporting Kailh Box Jade switches and Staebies stabilizers.
Aug 3, 2022
Iris keyboard with MT3 Dusk and MT3 Camillo sets
Aug 3, 2022