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Meet the SENSE75: Our Newest Keyboard

When we decided to create a new Drop-exclusive keyboard, we didn’t know we would land on a 75% layout. Back in early 2020, we kicked off concepting and preliminary specs around the idea of a gasket-mount keyboard. It was set to be an expansion of our existing lineup—and at the time, popular interest in gasket-mount builds seemed to align with interest in compact layouts. As a result, work on an “Alt Gasket Version” started in earnest with drawings and specifications.
It wasn’t long until we noticed a tidal wave of community interest for 75% layouts. In fact, it looked quite clear that 75% was “the new meta”—so ultimately, we decided to follow the community with our take on the 75% layout. That meant starting fresh with new drawings, new designs, and new engineering.

Features for Enthusiasts After finalizing the layout, we thought deeply about how to make a typing and customization experience that the community would love. Carefully incorporating user feedback and Mech Keys market trends, these were the features we knew we had to have: 1. South-facing switches to avoid keycap interference 2. Reliable hot-swappable sockets to maximize customization 3. PCB-mount stabilizers that come factory-tuned to minimize rattle 4. Innovative RGB underglow 5. Per-key RGB that can be customized 6. Accessible configuration software and QMK firmware (our new configurator will launch before the SENSE75 ships, more info to come soon) 7. A premium fit and finish, made of aircraft grade 6000-series aluminum 8. A gasket mount keyboard that genuinely provides a gasket feel Although it has taken far longer than we imagined possible, we’ve carefully and painstakingly achieved all of our design principles. Today, we’re proud to release our first Studio Story for the SENSE75. Hit “Request” to get more updates, and tune in next week to learn more about the SENSE75.

Sep 12, 2022
Let me guess: No ISO option. Surprise.
Sep 3, 2022
I’m confused about the “per key RGB”. It doesn’t look like there’s any shine-through.
Aug 28, 2022
I love the presentation of the design decisions. But the slow reveal/not showing the damn design... is incredibly off-putting. Lost all interest just based on the slow baiting.
Aug 23, 2022
Another me-too keyboard from uninspired minds. Of course, nothing pleases me these days so take my comment with a grain of salt. My ideal keyboard would have 104 keys in a so-called left-handed configuration (numpad > nav cluster > alphanumeric). Essentially nobody makes a board like this which is a shame because I think it makes the most ergonomic sense for right-handed keyboard+mouse power users (hello). Of course, I seem to be alone in that regard. No surprise there. 😂 I suppose that eventually I'll have to buck up and make my own.
Aug 25, 2022
Yeah, I have a numpad but I really just want a full 104-key board with the sections arranged in reverse order. Most so-called southpaw keyboards are just TKL or 96% with all the keys mashed together into a claustrophobic nightmare. Others are TKL with the numpad on the left. There's only one company I've found that makes the layout I want but only with Cherry reds. I've emailed them but they won't make it with any other key unless I order in quantities. Also they don't make a wireless version and also won't unless I order quantities.
Aug 31, 2022
Helmanfrowyou could look at an everest keyboard. missing f rows but it has a removable numpad. Everest 60 – MOUNTAIN (

Aug 22, 2022
Drop's keyboards always looked interesting to me, but the fact that they only come in ANSI layout means that they are a no-go, unfortunately. Although I do understand that Drop's main market is the US, I would really love if the keyboards also came with an ISO option as they would be absolutely more interesting to us European users. The past few years have been a bit rough for Drop I guess, given that there's been a huge decrease in products being offered and we've seen the company entrench in just two markets (audiophile and mech keys), so it does not surprise me that you guys are trying to place your bets on what is most probable to make you money, which is ANSI keyboards for the US market, but it would be nice to see some additional options as well. I'm not even going into a lot of detail with the model itself here, this is just a more general consideration. Again, I understand the business decisions here, but I really do wonder how much more an ISO-compatible PCB and gasket mount would cost.
DROP Should be taking a look at GMMK Pro and make the prices better than the GMMK pro If not why would someone get this board?....... NOT ME. This should had been the New SHIFT mechanical Keyboard instead of a 75% layout
Juliog1001Where are you getting this 67%
Shark50521That was my mistake.
Aug 17, 2022
Do a 108 full-size for professionals
Aug 20, 2022
JohnGarrettMaybe explore Glorious’s offerings
Aug 21, 2022
JohnGarrettI'd recommend looking into Keychron Q-series boards, as they are finally releasing all the other layouts after they did their 75% (Q1) and 65% (Q2) versions.
Aug 15, 2022
Is there a rough ETA regarding availability?
Aug 15, 2022
as long as the barebones kit is under $200 I'm sold
@HoffmanMyster when can we expect to get more info on the SENSE75?
J_WilliWe have another two stories coming out within the week, and a fourth shortly after.
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