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High Quality Notebook for Creativity

I've been thinking for a while of getting a really nice, high quality notebook for keeping track of my creative interests, (programming, films, ideas in general, etc.). I've been looking at the Code&Quill notebook and it looks like a great option, but I'm was thinking that I should ask what you guys are using first. Y'all probably know very well what the best notebooks are much better than I do.

Hi Steven,
Just noticed an active drop for the Rhodia square, reversible notebook with dot or graph paper. Although a bit pricey, these are excellent notebooks I haven't found available elsewhere for anywhere close to the price being offered.
Probably worth checking out if you have the chance, have the coin and are still looking.
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Well, more specifically, I plan on using a pencil/eraser and maybe a ballpoint pen with this notebook. As much as I love writing with a nice fountain pen, I think it would be outrageous for what my purposes are. Some examples of what I'll write in this notebook from a previous notebook I used similarly are story design diagrams, story boards, number crunching, a math scratchpad, quick sketches, data structure design, control flow diagrams, and maybe an architectural draft or two.
My notebook needs to fulfill a rather wide variety of tasks, most of which benefit from a ruling scheme similar to C&Q or Grids and Guides like @Theroc mentioned. Very little of it will be raw writing, which is where I think that fountain pens really shine, and so I think It would be rather impractical to use one.
So really, while I do want good quality paper, I'm mostly looking for good ruling/guides, a good binding, a large-ish size and quality craftsmanship. (and a hard cover is a good plus too)
Thank you all for your great comments!
Thanks for the clarification!
C&Q are great notebooks, I use them myself. You should also look at Grids & Guides from Princeton Architectural Press, if you are more of a visual note taker.

For more conventional note-taking the options are overwhelming. The reference is the Rhodia Webnotebook, which uses Clairefontaine Paper. Check out Clairefontaine's tabbed graph notebooks
Or Rhodia's meeting book
One of my personal favorites is the Transotype Sensebook

And if you can get your hands on one, the Rhodia Exabook
Thank you! I will definitely look into these!