New Community Mega Thread: Cooking

UPDATE (Mar 7th, 2017): Cooking Community is now up! Please subscribe here:

UPDATE (Feb 23rd, 2017): First Cooking drops have launched. You can see them tagged "New Community: Cooking" on this page

UPDATE (Feb 15th, 2017): Cooking drops will start launching next week. We'll give another update once an exact date is finalized.

As the current leader of the community poll (, we are excited to introduce Cooking as the second new community to launch on Massdrop Hub.
What can we expect in the Cooking Community?
The primary focus will be on the following subcategories during the community’s launch:
  1. Cutlery: What kind of knives would you like to see?
  2. Baking: What do you bake most?
  3. Tools: Most useful tools in the kitchen
  4. Cookware: What material do you cook on?
  5. Kitchen Electrics: Stand mixer, toaster, food processor, etc
As the community builds, more subcategories will be introduced.
How can I let Massdrop know what I want in Cooking?
Some polls have already been created to gather input on products and brands from all of you. Please vote in these polls and feel free to create more ( so that the best and most desired products are discovered.

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Jul 27, 2017
Bob Kramer Knife Sets!

Mar 11, 2017
How about a poll for knife storage? Maybe the 360 magnetic knife block or drawer storage or undercounted storage, or some other ideas to help keep knives properly stored so that they don't get dull or damaged. Anyone interested??
Molecular gastronomy reagents and tools (spherification arrays and reagents, vacuum chambers, pacojet type of stuff) ChefSteps Joule Kimchi fridge with odor control Dehydrator
I'm stocked up on fermented food gear for the most part (kefirs, yoghurts, kombuchas, mason jar pickles, crock krauts, sourdoughs) with the exception of cheese stuff.
Let's see, what else? Hey, "you won't get if you don't ask", so: Sharkfin, baby seal tears, tiger bile, rhino taint, snow leopard eggs etc. Basically anything that had a mother smile at it. So maybe ixnay on the sharkfay...
Mar 3, 2017
Good set of cooking knives and Juicers
Feb 26, 2017
spice grinders are a something that will interest me Cast iron skillets are another one
A community member
Feb 25, 2017
I would love a cheaper alternative to Kitchenaid for mixing! Failing that, a kitchenaid mixer at a discounted price would also be nice...
Feb 24, 2017
I'd love to see some good cast iron, with a machined smooth finish.
Feb 26, 2017
Couldn't agree more. Cast iron everything, please and thank you, Massdrop.
Feb 24, 2017
Cutlery: knives like victorinox, henckels and possibly some carbon steel stuff. Opinel sets Tools: isi whippers, immersion circulators, electric scales, silpat, burr grinders Cookware: Carbon steel and tri ply Kitchen Electrics: control freak by cuisinart please!! or induction tops
Feb 24, 2017
1. Knives I would like to see. Shun. Maybe Wusthoff. Definitely shun. 2. Bake the most, cookies and cupcakes. But really would like to see USA PAN and Nordic ware stuff. Like Nordic ware's Bundt cake molds are very cool. 3. Most useful tools in the kitchen, chef knife, cutting board (epicurean cutting boards are the way to go), whisks, and 8" frying pan. 4. Cook ware, I cook on non stick mostly, but close second is definitely, my all clad induction soup and sauce pots. 5. Kitchen electrics, as far as essential a food processor. Second place hand mixer, and WAFFLE MAKERS!!!
Feb 23, 2017
Instant Pot / other electric pressure cooker (Breville has a higher-end one)
Good cutting boards
Someone mentioned spice refills - good idea
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