Feb 28, 2017

Guitars anyone?

I figured the hobby shop would be the most suitable for this post. Anyone is interested in guitars, be it acoustic or electric? I've been in massdrop for some time now and I never saw guitars on sale..

I would like to see a more general Pro Audio section. Given the low time frame on these drops, I'm usually not ready drop a couple grand on some really nice limited guitar at a moment's notice.
But some nice pedals, including some cheaper options like the Tone City ones, as well as some amps and accessories would get some good traction on here I think.
More people would get excited about a drop for the anniversary BOSS DS-1 then a drop for a custom shop fender.
In the Audiophile and Ultralight sections there have been some travel and other guitars offered.
ya but there's been none these few months.. Hope to see some guitars that arent too expensive there sometime.