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The text reminds me of American stuff where people slap Kanji on things to make them look cool and futuristic, only from the other side- English text spam on a Chinese project. The PBT is awesome, and does feel great, for the record. It shows up as "XCTECH USB Gaming Mouse" in dmesg, so presumably underneath the neat exterior it's that. It looks like their claim to fame is that they make Disney/Marvel branded mice. There's a little button on the base marked 'M' to switch between 2.4Ghz, BT1, BT2, and CAB (cable) mode. 2.4Ghz is dongle mode, and the dongle lives in a little magnetic cubby on the bottom, so you can pull it out if you want it, and when you put it back in it gets sucked in. Very very slick. That said, dongle mode will mess up your WiFi if you're using 2.4Ghz WiFi. Bluetooth mode was tricky for me to get working, because the instructions say "it's in pairing mode when BT1 or BT2 is blinking", but it's also blinking when it's completely unconfigured, there's two separate blink speeds. You gotta follow the instructions, hold down on the button for three seconds to get the other blink speed, and then pairing works. It has a DPI switch *and* a little LED display of what your DPI is, which is neat. The switch toggles between some big numbers, but if you hold down the DPI switch, you can use the mousewheel to fine tune the DPI.


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