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Shipping to the UK without customs charges . .

Hey there,

I'm new to this site and can't find the answer im looking for. Basically Id like to take part and buy an item through here for a new desktop computer build. Can I guarantee that the package will be marked as a 'gift' so that I am not hit with a huge bill when they come through customs? when I used to ship from Hong Kong my suppliers would always mark the item as a gift so that customs charges are not applied. If I have to pay an unknown customs charge then this will negate the whole point of using Massdrop as any savings I make will be lost. Can anybody advise?

Thanks very much for any help/advice.
Josh Hellings and gorian2222

Nope, marked as gift will not happen at all! If other people like to act illegal, its up to them, but MD will always provide a correct invoice.
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It's against the law so yes, it's illegal. Just because you think it's unfair doesn't make it legal.
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