Razer Kraken V2 and Razer tactile bag

I am posting this to see if anyone else has interest in the Razer Kraken V2 and the Razer Tactile bag. The Razer Kraken V2 looks like a very nice headset and goes for 100$ or so dollars on amazon( 94 euros , 689 yen) It is pretty highly reviewed but I am not interested in paying the 100$ and was wondering who else would back this up. Next the Razer Tactile bag caught my eye in a review from Linustechtips. It goes for around 115$ on amazon and personally I think it is a very nice bag with good quality , solid features and great aesthetics. So , would anyone else want to try and bring these prices down to buy?
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Mar 29, 2017
I know I'm intrested