The Giant Classic Beige Alps Set

So, I've been wanting to do an Alps set for a long time, but with the intention of covering new and vintage boards (with a strong emphasis on the vintage side). There are really a ton of great Alps boards out there, with pretty decent layouts that make for excellent daily drivers, but finding new caps for them is impossible for the most part. This isn't a set made to add "flair" but functionality, a classic colored set to replace old grungy or broken or missing caps. Modern boards like a few ortholinear and 40% boards that are hard to get keys for are also going to be covered (currently working on an Ergodox kit).
This is definitely a work-in-progress still. There are a lot of boards to dig through, of my own and online, trying to find and cover as many keyboards as possible. NOTHING HERE IS FINAL. Kits aren't final, how the kits are split isn't final, and colors aren't final. For those of you not familiar with forum interest checks, this is me telling you to give me your feedback! If you have some keys you'd like to see added please provide images of the boards in question though.
I am still in the process of making sure I can secure a manufacturer with all of these molds, but this will be an OEM profile set more than likely, which also helps keep pricing lower as well.
[Base Kit]

[Terminal - AT - XT - NeXT - etc.]
[Semi-Modern Compatibility - More Commonly Needed Keys]
[Ortholinear - 40% Compatibility]
[Color Pack]
Things still in progress:
  • ErgoDox Kit
  • ISO (?)
  • Add NeXT Coverage (ADDED)
  • Getting full list of cap sizes available (spacebars, odd stepped keys, enter keys, etc). More may be added after I can get confirmation of what I have to work with.

Sep 22, 2020
Yeah, the situation for alps keycaps is even worse than a few years ago. :/
Jun 11, 2020
Necropost, butttt just in case, any update? I’d love to buy some of these.
Nov 13, 2018
what's the update/progress on this? :)
Sep 4, 2018
I love this idea. ***If this happens, please make a bigass enter addon with a 1u backspace and 1u backslash.*** The beige color scheme would be perfect. I would also love to see a granite color scheme too. Count me in!
Aug 19, 2018
@livingspeedbump any news on this project?
Mar 9, 2018
I'm really glad you are taking on Alps keycaps as a project. Alps/Alps clones don't seem to get the love they deserve. Everything you are working on is looking great to me. Thick PBT would be fantastic, if you could find someone to do it. And if you're going for vintage colors, then PBT wouldn't be too limiting color-wise.
I'd also be curious about how you're thinking about handling stabilizers. I've seen some Alps caps with Cherry-mount stabilizers (Signature Plastics), and others with Alps-mount. Obviously Alps would be preferred, especially for compatibility with older vintage keyboards.
Jan 20, 2018
Very interested.
Not sure what kbd I'd put with them, probably 40% or 60% perhaps ortho or split kbd layout, with some tactile ALPS-compatible like Matias Quiet Clicky.
So, probably alphas and maybe ortho set for modifiers, plus probably a colur set. If necessary it would not bother me to get the existing larger-than-needed base set, if having too many subset combinations blew out your ic/gb pricing (but others may be more price-sensitive.)
Mar 2, 2018
(actually, would probably refurb/ rennovate whatever old kbd I could get my hands on, maybe 1990s Dell, *plus* do a 40% possibly-split/ possibly-ortho)
Note, some 80s/90s boards had 2 columns of 5 or 6 Left function keys. It may be useful to include an L1-L12 for these.
e.g. L1-L10 aka Front, Stop, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc on Sun Type2/3/5; though that example may not have been ALPS (Topre maybe?)
Alternatively at least to help cover them one could use 1/3 a blank alphas key set, though wasteful (or ~1/2 a set of blank numpad keys?)
Sep 3, 2017
Count me in for 3-5 of these, but only if you can do ISO support! Also, did I miss it or is there no 1u backspace key for R1 except in the ortholinear kit? Semi-modern definitely needs to have one... I sincerely hope this will become real one day.
Jul 24, 2017
It would be very nice to have a high quality Beige/Gray "reference set" for Alps boards, including the newer Matias/Fuhua TKL's. I would order a couple TKL sets if they were a very good traditional color scheme + high contrast and very sharp legends. There have been a few attempts on various forums to deliver a solid beige/gray Alps set but they always seem to die off.
Jul 18, 2017
matias ergo pro kit would be baller but i doubt very many people have them.
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