Mar 13, 201780 views

Instant Pot

Any interest or experiences here? Or pressure cookers in general?

I have two, one is the older model and the other is the newer one. Makes delicious ribs, kalua pork, chili, soups, cheesecakes, yoghurt- all the things your tummy can desire. Super easy- set it and forget it. There's even a delay start timer and I've done that to have hot oatmeal ready at breakfast. Minimum effort, maximum rewards. Don't be intimidated, it's not your grandmas pressure cooker.
Would love to see a drop with IP accessory bundle: rings, pot, yogurt cups etc.
I currently own six! Four of them are 21.5Qt All American aluminums. The other cookers are much smaller.
Fantastic kitchen tool for accelerating the break down of collagen in ingredients like tendon, trotters, tripe, oxtail -basically anything you cook in that pot.
Do NOT use grandma's outdated trick of rapidly cooling the pressure cooker by running cold water over it from the faucet in the kitchen sink. This is a pressure chamber and you'd be an idiot to risk warping the metal by cooling one side more than the other...
I have one and seldom use it. Not sure why, but it scares me. I live at a high altitude and I know they make cooking easier. Pasta, rice and potatoes take forever to cook here.
I'd recommend anyone curious about the benefits of one to read J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's article on them.
Personally, it'd have to be a really good deal for me to give up the extra storage space to have one.