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Year ago I bought the first pair of HD6XX for my dad, he lives in Spain in apartment and now there's not enough space for the proper hi-fi system that he's used to listening to all his life before moved there. Paired it with ifi Zen Dac V2 with balanced cable and it's a pure heaven, you can't beat it. I was blown away how good this setup sounds, absolutely perfect! So I decided to buy it for myself, exactly the same setup. My headphone collection is not huge, but these headphones are number one there. I have Focal Bathys, B&O Beoplay HX, Blue Ella, M&D MH40, Shure Aonic 50 and Airpods Pro 2. Also I'm a big fan of 2.1 system and did a long way to build my home stereo. I always struggled with a feeling that I can achieve better sound that I already have and HD6XX helped me to calm down. I'll not buy any headphones more, I just don't want to. Got it for $179 from drop on sale. Are you kidding me? Just grab it immediately. For those who complained about bass, I have no issues with zen dac v2, cuz there is a magic truebass button and I love it so much, please read a reviews about this dac and how it works. It also has rca outputs and you can connect your dac to active monitors on your desk at the same time. I think this is a perfect combination to enjoy the music as much as possible below $500. I still can't believe that you can spend those money to achieve this sound. And Tidal Family plan now is $16.99 only! What a time we're living in!


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