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Drop CTRL double "t" char and turning off after 3 yrs

Hi all, I bought a Drop CTRL in 2021. I liked that it was a well-rounded mechanical keyboard that "just worked" without having to do a bunch of customization (I just want a bulletproof keyboard that feels and looks good). It has been a fantastic keyboard, I especially like how heavy it is and the key weight is perfect for me. However, in the last 8mo it has started double inputting the "t" key and now it randomly will stop inputting anything (but the lights stay on) or it turns off completely (no lights, no input). I normally plug it into a powered hub but I tried plugging it directly into my computer to see if the problem persists and it does. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this or where to start diagnosing? I type all day long so I don't have a lot of ability for down time.

May 27, 2024
It's possible the switch or PCB went bad, somehow. Did you try replacing the "T" switch with a different one on your keyboard to test it? Try taking the switch for the "C" and swapping the two switches to see if the problem persists on the "T" key or changes to the "C" key
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