Mar 16, 201755 views

Beginner choosing his first camera.

Hello everyone. I am brand new to the photography world and want to buy my first camera. I am looking at either getting the nikon D3400 with the two lenses kit or the nikon D5500 with just the kit lens. I have had mixed opinions on both and was wondering if anyone else could give me some of their opinions on which camera would best suit a beginner.

Both cameras are fine choices to grow into but go for the D5500, just for the wifi connectivity in this current modern time IMO and better autofocus.
Depends on how much you're willing to spend but a lot of cameras out there for beginners or not are pretty much all good to let you grow and learn, it's just a different pace for each. In a greater sense, a DSLR for this digital age or SLR/TLR or any old analogue for film if you're very keen.
Thank you. I think I have decided to go with the D5500. It also hows the ability to take good videos with good sounds. Thank you again.
fine choice, you won't be disappointed, have fun and keep exploring :) As you keep shooting, you'll grow into a more defined pathway and it should help in your next investment.