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Changing nibs?

I'm really new to fountain pens and just got a Lamy Safari. I really want to try different nibs--is it possible to buy/change nibs for a fountain pen or does that require purchasing a new pen with the correct nib? Any info is appreciated :)

The nibs are available at this site and are discounted. They easily pull off and are all interchangeable
You can absolutely change nibs in your lamy , and most other pens Except for the exotic ones. You just have to get the proper replacement nib. For the lamy, you can buy an assortment pack of different sizes on Amazon For not a lot of money. First, go to Goulet pens and watch the video on changing out the nibs. Then YouTube has tons of vids on smoothing out scratchy nibs. My favs are SBEBROWN videos on pen maintenance, nib tuning, and all kinds of useful stuff. good luck. Happy writing
@BlueCrowned ..... Did you get the Lamy nib swapped out ?? Just curious and wanted to follow up :)
As a fellow newbie, can recommend checking out Goulet Pens' youtube channel, they got a Fountain Pen 101 series that covers some things in maintenance that might not be obvious at first.
@ BlueCrowned - Examples of Nib options for the Lamy... other vendors have them as well.
Click on any nib and scroll down, there is a video to show you how to swap it, very easy to do -
And Lamy...not Lanyard. Just turned off my damn autocorrect.
That should have said Lamy...not Lady...damn autocorrect!
Absolutely! And you have the perfect pen to do that with. Lady nibs just slide off and on. They come in stainless steel or 18k gold And in EF, F, M, B, 1.1 italic, 1.5 itslic and 1.9 italic. You can buy them on Amazon, Goulet Pens, Anderson Pens and Vanness Pens and Im sure many other places. There are multiple videos online with instructions for changing the nibs. Nibs can be changed on most fountain pens by the user. Just make sure with other pen nibs that you buy the correct one for your pen. Lanyard is the easiest nib to change. Have fun!!
Thanks! I appreciate it.
I should also mention that, depending on the pen brand, some nibs are screw in, some friction fit and only Lamy has the ones that slide off and on the feed. If you look at the underside of the nib, you'll see runners on both sides. Usually if a retailer sells the pen, they often sell nibs for replacement. The gold nibs are significantly more expensive than the stainless steel. Nibs slso come in palladium and titanium. Gold and titanium nibs are softer than stainless steel nibs. Some inks (acidic) corrode stainless steel nibs but not gold nibs. Titanium nibs are priced midway between gold and stainless steel. Gold nibs tend to write a little wetter than stainless steel nibs. I've probably told you more than you ever wanted to know about nibs. Enjoy your pens.