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Anyone Interested in Massdrop IEM Stands?

Hey everyone!
Thought I'd throw this idea out there.
My name is Mik, and I've been selling the Aural Life IEM Headphone Stands via Amazon and on the Aural Life website.
The purpose of the IEM stand is to display your collection of IEMs.
I've been on Massdrop for quite some time now, and it just occurred to me that it might be cool for our community to have our very own Massdrop IEM stands.
I've had a few audio companies ask me to produce IEM stands with their own logos on them.
I can ask my manufacturer to produce a limited run of IEM stands based on the amount of interest out there.
Of course, I'd have to talk to the Massdrop team themselves and work out all the important details and legal stuff.
What do you guys think?

bleeeet345, Davestef, and 13 others

Count me in.
I'd be interested if the IEMs were not only displayed but enclosed: You could see them through the plastic, glass or acrylic, but you could also close or lock the case. That way, the IEMs would be visible to everyone, but they wouldn't collect dust.
That's an interesting idea! I'll have to see how feasible this is..
Yeh I love it !
This is neat!
I think this is super cool, and I would definitely join!!!