Dec 29, 2018

Why no parker jotters anywhere here? Do they have bad name here? Quality issues? And caran d'ache 849? Those are great entry level, and i've scrolled for a while and didn't seem to be dropped, at least in a long time.

Any explanation?

I have a number of Jotters, from a 1954 model in green to a new Jotter XL. They're good pens, but I usually don't write with a standard ballpoint pen anymore. If I'm not using a fountain pen, I'm using some sort of gel roller. If I really need the oil-based ink of a ballpoint, I use a Uniball Jetstream instead of a Jotter or other, traditional ballpoint. I've used the CdA 849 and didn't think it was anything special. I like their 844 pencil, but I'm not that fond of their other products.