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Best Backpack for 17" Laptops for everyday use

As a college student with a 17 inch laptop. it is really hard to find a decent backpack that can fit everything. price for me isn't too much of an issue. but it needs to be within the requirements.
  • 35L and above
  • Water resistant or weather proof
  • Durable (biggest concern)
  • be able to fit books and other tech items.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

The SwissGear Ibex Laptop backpack has pretty much everything you could ask for in a laptop bag, making it a good choice for nearly any situation. порно - xxx
I have a Mil-Tec MOLLE Tactical Assault Backpack which is 36L and carries my 17" laptop, in its neoprene sleeve, perfectly inside the mesh section in the main compartment. I've also taken delivery of the GeekOn Ultimate Gaming backpack, which looks like it'll be even better, but a bit more fiddly to slip the laptop in and out without disturbing other contents.
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What's your budget?
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That's a lot of money for a backpack
For one that would be subjected to my usage... It's kinda justified.