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Massdrop x Fostex TH7?

One of the most popular headphones on massdrop at the moment are the Fostex TH - X00 but what if massdrop collaborated with Fostex once again to produce a more entry level, and affordable, over ear headphone? With an impedance of 70 ohm and a price tag of $150 these are already a steal, but I reckon that massdrop could do it one better. Let me know what you guys think, as I would love to see MD release a pair of these headphones!
BIGEARS888, pgtruesdell, and 2 others

... I'm OK with more affordable collab pieces... wonder what fancy "colorway" they'd be offered in...
I don't see why Massdrop couldn't make this work considering, in my opinion, they have a great working relationship with Fostex and the previous collaborations with Fostex have been a strong hit with the community and nothing short of amazing.
I'm not familiar with the headphones in your photo, but to me, it seems that previous and existing collaborations between the two companies have been on headphones that have had a storied history and beloved by a strong community following. I'm not a headphone junkie or aficionado, so please take what I say with a grain of salt. It would be interesting to know who the community receives @BlazingGlory64 's idea.
You higlight a really valid point there @Kirkladc, something I never actually considered. It makes sense for them to release cult classics in a new and refreshing way to the dedicated fanbase of both massdrop and the supplying company.