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Edition xx - Only 142 SOLD?

Just now, I uploaded my review of the Hifiman Edition xx. Since so few of them sold, I was skeptical that this might be the real deal.... The moment I sat down to compare them to my all time favorite..................... Edition xx review - Return of the ALL time favorite headphone?


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I think the Edition XX will be my first high-end headphone and first open-back headphone. Just gotta save up some money.
Soulsik is the best and cutest headphone reviewer out there. :3
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my hopes and dreams ;_;
SOULSIK please don't be disheartened. Just continue with your reviews bro. Your opinions is very much appreciated 👍🏾👍🏾
I won't be disheartened ! thank you, that so sweet lmao
Hi Soulsik Love your YOUTUBE Reviews. GOD Bless.
Thank you. Love your big ears. God Bless
Judging by your post's title it seems you're confused that they only sold 142 of them. I'd claim that it's because HFM has earned themselves a name in the audio world with their shitty QC. A couple hundred bucks for a low end model that might work is one thing, but Edition XX is priced into the realm where people are not willing to gamble.
I can't argue with that point. QC is pretty ass
My HE-500 and RE-600 (original) are roughly half a decade old at this point, I may baby my gear more than most. Don't buy wood hifimans, they've never had success with those.
The argument of the drivers being the same is NOT the same as to whether something sounds similar. These are two completely different separate claims. mattris is claiming the drivers are in fact different, and judges this based on differences in impedance, connector type, and measurable differences. In general, I trust the sensitivity of machines more than human ears, especially since human ears are very individualized and warp the sound. soulsik is saying they sound the same, which I can neither confirm nor deny, but I don't really need to for something like determining whether the drivers are the same or different, regardless of sound. Maybe actually address each other's points rather than argue why your specific claim is more important. It's pretty clear Soulsik can't claim "the drivers are the same", and mattris can't contest that they may sound similar. Fact is determined by reality, not popular opinion. The laws of physics don't cease to apply simply because a majority of us wish them away. Espousing otherwise sounds like the argument of an advertising major. If the headphones all sound the same or substantially similar, with the same or substantially similar power requirements and gain settings, there functionally isn't any difference to MOST users, short of a product defect. And the reasons different drivers matters are various. Amplification requirements may be different, matching output and input impedance may vary, etc. And a difference in driver may matter if one lot of drivers is bad or has design or mfg problems, but the other lot of drivers does not, due to various differences in materials or production process. There wasn't even the slightest attempt by any of the parties here to try and understand the point of the other side to make this issue clearer for readers.
Agree on most points (although connection type doesn't have much to do with whether or not they are the same drivers, you can solder on any type you like without impacting the specs much) Even if Hifiman uses the same film in one headphone or another it doesn't mean they use the same tracing material/complexity or magnets. They have various options available to them to make up a "driver" and have appeared to "mix/match" various pieces in their products to generate these collaborations at the desired price points. Headband from here, driver housing from there, magnets from a lower line, film from a higher line and on and on. In the end you get similar sounding headphones to their donor products with minor alterations in sound signature.
The man owns like all the hifiman headphones so I would say I trust him
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I appreciate that, SOULSIK. Though, be careful how you use fact, opinion, and theory: FACT: The Edition XX, HE1000, Edition X v2, and Ananda all have the same basic shape and structure and use the Neo Super Nano Driver. Their manufacturer's specifications differ. OPINION: The headphones sound the same. THEORY: Apart from the headbands and connections , they are the same headphones. 
Absolutely. Agreed.
How do know "in fact" that it is the Edition X v2 with a different headband?
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Thanks. Any link to a definitive guidance on this would help.
Again, what headphone will be best for you will depend on the sound signature you desire. Here are some excerpts from my research: A statement made by Todd at TTVJ, a Hifiman dealer: "Straight from HiFiMan... The Edition XX that is seen on Massdrop - Rumors have spread that this is nothing but a rebadge Ananda but that could not be further from the truth. The cup shapes are similar because this design is used by many manufacturers and covers the ear easily. The Edition XX is a specific lower cost headphone made for Massdrop. The magnet structure is older material and design as is the head bank and cups. The headphones do not have the frequency extension of the Ananda or the openness and quick response. Listening to the two and you can easily hear the difference. The Edition XX is a good headphone in its price range as is the Ananda in its price range." "Dr. Fang [President of HIFIMan] explains that the Edition XX is slightly warmer than the Edition X V2" "These are newer drivers that have symmetrical magnets and are more efficient to produce and match." - CEE TEE, Collaborations The Ananda has an asymmetric 80mm driver. The XX has a symmetric 100mm driver (the older design). The Edition XX is the warmest, then X v2, Ananda, and Arya. Detail retrieval is the opposite order. Ananda and Arya have better bass quality than the other two. Soundstage: Ananda has a slightly "closed-in" - or intimate - feeling in which the vocals take center stage, contrasting elements in the background. Check out these reviews: https://www.headfonia.com/review-hifiman-ananda/
http://www.headphoneer.com/hifiman-ananda-review/ On a personal note... If I had to choose one of these headphones to buy (and use), it would be the Ananda.