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"Mo-Tactic" EDC Pen 2019.

At the moment, you can buy this Pen on the crowdfunding platform. Offer is available for 25 days.

Pen is The Most Important Invention of Humanity.
The history of the pen begins with the history of mankind. Primitive people painted on the walls of caves with pointed stone. Even before our era, the Babylonians squeezed cuneiform with a pebble — the first letter on raw clay. In ancient Greece, they wrote on waxed tablets using a stylus, a pointed copper or bone stick.

The brush was the forerunner of all pen types. In China, it was made from camel or rat wool and dipped in ink. The oldest ink recipe contained pine tar soot, lamp oil, and donkey skin gelatin.
And in Europe came up with ink that does not fade for centuries. They were made from iron salts and ink nuts - painful growths that appear on the leaves of trees due to the activity of some insects.
Ink began to be used in ancient Rome. The first handle was a bamboo or reed stem. One end of it is sharp, cut off at an angle - that's all! The pen could be dipped in ink and written.
Only in the 8th century AD, people thought that a reed could be replaced with a feather. The pen is more comfortable to hold, and it lasts longer.
But to prepare him for writing is very difficult. In the spring, a strong young goose must pull out one of the five outer feathers, and it must be from the left wing (if you take a feather from the right wing, you will block the writing when writing). Then the feather must be burned in the hot sand, so that it becomes dry and hard. Then sharpen the tip of a penknife...

Modern Approach to Tactical Accessories Featured. What will happen if instead of a cap on a ballpoint pen wrap the muzzle compensator of a rifle? If all the elements are made of high-grade metal, then we will get a tactical pen of 2019, called the Mo-Tactic Pen.

The  Main Idea "Mo-Tactic" Project: Reliable Practical Tactical Pen.

Stylistics and Appearance: Cap is a reduced Copy of the Muzzle Brake / Gun Flash Hider. The Body in the Form of a Gun Barrel.

Technical Implementation and Materials: 3 types of Metals: Copper, Bronze and Medical Stainless Steel.

Way of promotion: Crowdfunding.

Duration of the project: Spring 2019

Estimated retail price:
Brass $ 160
Copper $ 170
Steel $ 180

Steel, copper and bronze are the metals from which this model is proposed. In the handle itself there is an impact tip, a clip for comfortable carrying, a body adapted to heavy loads with a ribbed surface so that it does not slip in your hand.
Also, there is a perforation on the cap for attaching to the backpack, and all this is supplemented by another thread, also in the area of ​​the cap for connecting additional features: a scalpel, a flashlight and, possibly, a lighter are planned.

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