Mar 2, 2019

The Baltimore/Washington International Pen Show 2019

Today my spouse and I went off to day 1 of the BWI/Washington Intl Pen Show 2019. I have been to a couple of pen shows in the region in the past (Baltimore & Philadelphia - and maybe Washington, DC?). This show was (1) convenient to get to, near BWI Airport and no heavy traffic, no parking issues!; and (2) a hugh show! There were lots of vendors! It seems to me to be visibly larger than the other shows I have visited in the past (but I may be wrong - it has been a couple of years since my last pen show.). We attended the "Frankenpen" presentation (an enjoyable and very informative presentation by Piers Gustafson - who afterwards gave me further one-on-on information on several other topics). My spouse left early to attend the "Fountain Pen 101" presentation. We enjoyed both of the presentations. I had enjoyable discussions with a number of other vendors and learned a number of personally useful things - I got a detailed explanation on taking apart and reassembling Sheaffer snorkel pens. I explained how I have a snorkle pen that I plan to take apart, clean up and repair. The vendor took a pen and walked me through the steps - disassembling a pen, showing me where the potentially "problematic parts" are, and then he put it back together! A couple of other vendors provided me with insight on a couple of other (new and old) pens that I own. Spouse bought a nice antique fountain pen, as well as some writing materials. I scored some "Organic Studios Nitrogen" fountain pen ink (out of stock at the web sites I checked last week!). I also got some insight into a couple of other antique pens that I own. If 'you' are "into" pens and ink, and it isn't too far away, I can comfortably recommend dropping by the BWI/WA Intl Pen Show! It was a useful, informative and enjoyable afternoon. The $10/person admission is well worth it! (Transparency declaration: I have no personal nor financial relationship with any pen or ink vendors - other than an addiction to diversifying my collection of lovely colored inks, enjoying old technology, and really liking fountain pens! The only financial relationship is when I fork out for a new ink, or rarely a new pen.)

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Thanks for the enjoyable report. Unfortunately for many of us, fountain pen shows are not easily accessible, and reading about them is as close as one can get. However, we love photos. Have some of your visit to the show to share?
Alas I have no photos. I will have to keep that in mind if (hopefully when!) I get the chance to visit another.