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Massdrop Staff Picks: Meet Sandy

To help you get to know the people behind our Staff Picks collection, we asked each team member a little about themselves, how they got interested in their favorite community, and what else they’re doing these days. Read the Q&A, check out their picks, and use the comment section to ask questions or just say hello.

Meet Sandy, who’s all about the Quilting Community.

Q: What do you do at Massdrop? A: I am the Buying Manager for the Quilting and Knitting communities. I work with our members and vendors to bring new products to the communities. I get to go to trade shows and spend time researching new products and techniques which is great. Having a curious nature helps well with this part of the job and is definitely one of my favorite parts.
Q: What do you like most about working at Massdrop?
A: Working at a small company that is growing quickly allows me to be creative and resourceful in how I complete my daily responsibilities which alleviates boredom. The people who work at Massdrop are always looking for ways to be more efficient and it's that atmosphere that allows people to come together and problem solve. It's a very unique dynamic that brings us all together.
Q: How did you get into quilting?
A: I have always been a sewer and when I started to learn about quilting, I was floored by the level of precision that is required to make a quilt. Cutting a small piece of fabric into even smaller pieces and then sewing them back together in a whole new way means you have to make sure your cuts and seams are perfect if the blocks are going to match up. It also requires a lot of creativity to pick fabrics that work well together. When I see all of that come together in one block it never ceases to amaze me the amount of time, care and skill went into it. I think the saying labor of love is an apt one for all quilters!
Q: What are some of your favorite products in that community?
A: The Quilters Slidelock is a product that always inspires members to comment about how they don't know how they lived without it. It was designed by Sharon and Earl Williams as a solution to a very common problem, fabric slipping while being cut. It solves that problem brilliantly!
Q: What are some of your other hobbies/interests?
A: Anything that involves me being creative! Right now, music takes up a lot of free time. That and raising my six year old son!

Check out Sandy’s picks: Machine NeedlePack II Bundle
Throwback 2nd Ed Fat Quarter Bundle by Tula Pink
Superior Threads Sew Complete 25-Spool Set
Giant Dahlia Template by Marti Michell

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Aug 21, 2017
I'm so glad you have a quilter on staff. Thanks, Sandy. Although I am at the age where I already have too much stuff. I have found some interesting buys. Yes, we do like to cut fabric into smaller pieces and sew them back together. This is one of my latest quilts for a group project - Under the Sea. I'm a member of the Azalea City Art Quilters. Check us out on FB.
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