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What's your grail ink(s) + pen(s)?

we all have distant stars in our skies that we aspire to grasp. Dreams to realise, journeys to complete, treasures to collect.
This is not a self-motivation website or a hiking community (not primarily at least), so dreams and journeys are not the focus; treasures are, but feel free to talk about your aspirations and commitments if they're related to my question:
What are the inks and pens you want the most?
Here's my list:
  • Sailor Pro Gear Starburst Galaxy
  • PIlot Custom Heritage 92
  • GvFC Guilloche
  • Franklin-Christoph Model 02 Smoke and Ice
  • Pilot Falcon/Elabo
  • Organic Studio Nitrogen Royal Blue
  • Diamine 1864 Blue Black

Always been partial to Parker 51s. Pretty sure the orange one isn't genuine though...
Montblanc Writers Edition - Hemingway Waterman 58 Vintage Wahl Eversharp Doric Pelikan M1005 OMAS Parago Arco Brown Visconti Carbon Dreams
Inks: Iroshizuku Yama Guri Pelikan Edelstein Tanzanite Diamine Ancient Copper Iroshizuku Kon Peki Noodler's Ottoman Azure
nice list! I've got a Pilot Custom 912 with a falcon nib, it's a nice pen....but if you're looking for flex, go bold and go vintage.
if you like the Diamine blue/black, check out Birmingham pen co's line of inks--some really cool blue/black variants.
I just picked up another grail, Pelikan M800 with a vintage flex nib on it. Now I gotta think of a new one to add to the list. Maybe a Waterman 58.