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What’s your preference: Spyderco Delica or Spyderco Endura?

I currently own a Delica and I absolutely love it. Just joined the Drop for the Super Gold Endura, but was curious what other people prefer and why? (Picture courtesy of the Massdrop Super Gold Delica and Endura.)

Both are great, but the Endura 4 is more my size.
Tough one. I prefer a slightly larger knife so I go Endura. However,I just bought a Small Native and I LOVE it.
Just looked up the Native. Looks really comfortable in the hand. I like the notch for the index finger.
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Overpriced? Possibly. Overrated? No way!
So you say, but I also have a Resilience--twice the knife, half the price. After all, there's no point in paying for more than you get, is there?
I am also getting the Endura, mostly because of the size. I have the Delica in ZDP-189 and the Stretch in HAP40, so I figure this will fit right in. I like the Stretch for daily use. The Delica is a bit small for my taste, but it does work well. It just does not see as much pocket time.
I’ve never owned a blade with ZDP-189 steel. How hard is that to sharpen? And how long does it hold an edge?
Takes longer to sharpen but takes a nice polish. Feels like m4 or s110v. If you use diamond, they’re all pretty easy though. Current favorites are s90v and M390/20cv. They really seem to stay sharp longer. 52100 also has a special place.