Aug 30, 2017

Light Modifiers???

I'd love to see some light modifiers or off camera flashes and accessories.
I'd love to get a discount on some profoto parabolic umbrellas/softboxes/grids.
I just recently started shooting again and I picked up a hell of deal on a Profoto B1, beauty dish with diffuser, and speed ring - all for about $2k - I saved about 700 bucks buying the bundle BH Photo had for sale. I was gonna link it for you guys, but sadly, they don't offer the bundle anymore. So far I love it. No need for a powerpack or wired powered supply. I haven't taken it on location yet, but I can't wait to take it for a test run!
What brands and modifiers do you guys use/would you like to see on Massdrop?
Seth Burgess, PraxisCat, and 2 others

I'd love to see some Godox or Cheetah speedlights!