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Anyone interested in trading?

I have a brand new Spyderco Dragonfly 2 with ZDP-189 blade (model C28GRE2) and a brand new Maserin Carbon 392 to trade; if anyone is interested in trading, let me know!
I prefer brand new knives with carbon fiber handles, but would consider other 'gentleman's folder'. These knives are unused and in their box, and I would like to trade for a similarly unused knife.
I can trade up, down, both, just one, both together, add cash, receive cash, etc. Any interesting offer will be considered!
Hey let me tell you.... two YUMMY blades ready to be traded! Come on and let's have some trading fun!
** EDIT** : the Spyderco has been traded to Jonas of Massdrop (Maserin still up for trade, should anyone wishes to). I believe this is the first trade (i.e. person to person) on Massdrop! Thanks MD, thanks Jonas, and thanks all for making social purchasing so much fun!
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Knife trading sounds like a pretty fun idea. Could possible sort out some of my old collection!
You did a great job . I am sorry but I really don't need either,thanks again for the effort.
i didn't know we can trade here
I'm kinda trying to start the trend... I am the first to try it in the Beta Discussions :-)
I have both of those knives and they're great. I'm actually surprised at how much I carry the Maserin (thanks Massdrop), I didn't know what to expect from the company and have been very pleased. I wouldn't trade either of mine, but would recommend them to others, surely someone will take you up on it.
Here are a few commercial pics from the Maserin. I will take a picture of the actual knife next week (I am traveling for work) and post it later. It's a sweet, sweet knife!

How about a spyderco sage in carbon fiber handles?
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Jonas did you get my email? I have had some problems with odd mails not being delivered (Yahoo email quirks), so let me know!
Aha, found it in my Junk folder - thanks for checking in, will shoot you a message this evening.
Here's a few pics for the Spyderco; that's a great small knife, with one of the new super-steel. I invite you to check Spyderco's website for more info! The pic with the box is the actual knife (I had taken this earlier for another Massdrop member that was interested in it), the others are from the web. If you need more pics I can do it next week (I am currently traveling for work).



I have a slightly used Spyderco Szabo in black that I would be willing to trade
Can u send a picture
Sure! I will append a few pictures. I will take my own (which will be crappy), and append manufacturer pictures which always look much better and show what both knives look like - again both knives are unused and come with their boxes and papers.
Nobody has any knife to trade?
I love this thread and I think the only reason you don't have any takers yet is because Talk is still in Beta and doesn't have quite as much traffic yet. I want to support this kind of activity on the site, so if you don't have any takers in the next week I will try to find something to offer up. Always appreciate your contributions @Bobraz!
Thank you Sir! I am very captivated by this site and it's getting a lot of my time and eyeballs, much more than forums now! Social purchasing, I would have never thought, but it's very very powerful! Looking forward to what you unearth (if it's some of the missed drops that I had, I'll be super happy!).