Apr 11, 2019

Plz make a finalmouse drop

basically i have saved up and I want a finalmouse without having to pay a metric butt ton for a second-hand mouse from somebody who bought their's for retail. I don't want to wait until December and I want to know how i can make a drop request for the ultra light phantom or the air ninja
Electro-Wings, daniel-anderson, and 1 other

buy a glorious orion
waiting for a review not sure about the cable of the odin
Have you seen the Glorious Odin that is launching in the next couple months? It's only going to be $50 and I might hop on that. After reading the mousereview subreddit, an entire subreddit dedicated to gaming mice, and the YouTube videos. The Air58 looks like a flop. Weird and poor marketing. Poor quality control. People waiting forever for shipments. Canceled orders. Overpriced, etc.
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You're worried that the cord won't be flexible enough?