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Where did you buy your Steinhart?

Looks like there aren't a lot of options for buying a Steinhart. Other than the used market, it seems one either goes direct or Gnome--so far as I can tell. Anyone know different? Have a tip or two to share?
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I picked up my 39mm gmt from toptime.eu. Came on the stock steel bracelet but I swapped it for a blue NATO made by Barton (easily found on Amazon). Surprisingly fast shipping to the states.

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How often are you planning to wear it? Special occasion? If you're leaning towards a diver model, I might suggest a ceramic bezel insert as it'll be more forgiving it you're clumsy like me. My gmt has an aluminum bezel insert and I'm paranoid about scratching it.
Good point--I have a problem whacking every doorknob I pass by, no matter what watch I wear. Pretty sure I'll go with the black ceramic version of the Ocean 1.
I bought mine from Steinhart web site
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Buying direct from Steinhart you won't pay VAT outside the EU so the price will be 19% less than list though you will have to pay shipping, plus conversion and any foreign transaction fees your bark or credit card company may charge.
Thanks. Hate paying shipping, but it’s better than paying VAT. Traveling now, will order when I get home.
Chronomasteruk.very very good customer service.
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I recommend going through Steinhart directly. Gnomon may be 1-2 days faster but it comes with a price. Gnomon has given me a discount when asked but the code is only good for so many hours so be ready to buy. With discount is still a bit more that direct through Steinhart. The ocean one is under the import limit so you won’t need to pay customs or added FedEx fees. When using PayPal I have my bank do the conversion as they don’t charge a fee, PayPal can get pricey. Check with your bank and even if it’s not free will probably be a little less than letting PayPal handle it. Also, the cermaric bezels are tough but can be a pain to read in different lighting scenarios. Hope some of this info helps.
Very good info, much thanks!