Our First Full-Size Keyboard Project Is Underway
When most people think about a keyboard, a full-size layout comes to mind. So when we set out to build on the success of our tenkeyless CTRL and 65% ALT keyboards, the next logical step was a full-size board. But ours is a little different … We call it the SHIFT. Instead of a traditional full-size layout, we chose the 1800 layout for the SHIFT. Why? It’s significantly shorter (similar to many compact custom keyboard layouts), which helps reduce the footprint on your desk and creates a more natural position when using a mouse. Though the numpad and arrows are much closer, they’re still broken out, so they’re easy to find without looking down. Similar to the CTRL and ALT, the SHIFT is named in the spirit of a modifier key on a traditional keyboard. It will be backed by the same easy-to-use QMK firmware and comes with per-key RGB backlighting in more than 16 million different colors. And like our other keyboards, this one will be made from a solid block of aluminum with PBT keycaps and your choice of switches.
thumb_up, Pauketsjr, and 8 others

Jan 12, 2021
I really wish there was an option to buy this with Cherry MX Reds. Passing on it for now.
Jun 23, 2019
Lets do this...Im in!
May 30, 2019
Definitely will be waiting for this. True GON style keyboard done years later. If you have to copy anyone then copy the Originator from the very beginning here. Make sure at least you supply hot swap switches because there are now hundreds of different styled MX switches, currently available on the market. Maybe put in some White Panda's and watch the fanaticism fly.....
Apr 30, 2019
haha yes good idea launch and the end of the drop for your other two keyboards