Can you put oem keycaps on mx cherrys?

i realy love some of the custom keycaps but some of them are oem and im asking myself can you put a oemkeycap on a cherrybase or is there maybie a tool witch i can put a oem key on? im quite new in the custom keyspace and would realy like to know! thanks in advance

"Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones" or "MX-style stem" These are the descriptions you are looking for when purchasing keycaps for your keyboard. Keycap profiles like SA, DSA, XDA, Cherry, and OEM will not interfere with your keyboard if it uses standard Cherry MX switches (this includes Gatern, Kailh, BOX switches). You need to purchase keycaps that have a plus shaped "+" stem.
May 12, 2019
Many of today’s retail brand mech keyboard manufacturers ship their boards with Cherry MX switches and keycaps to compliment their telltale [+] shaped stems. Pretty much any keycap with the same plus shaped insert for the switch’s activation stem will fit any MX or MX-clone switch. The OEM keycap molding profile is just a more even progression of key heights in relation to each row of keys on the board, making it more accessible to use by a broader range of consumer. The profile of the ergonomic shape, and switch or seitch type are not mutually exclusive to one another. That said when shopping for key caps, you’ll be looking for the ergonomic profile of choice, and their stem compatibility, which in your case would would be a search for a DSA/OEM molding with MX compatible stems. Good luck!