Drop Merino Hoodie
May 14, 20191933 views

Narrowing Down Our Colors: Your Input Matters

Thanks for all your comments on the design for our next hoodie! We’re tallying up the votes and reviewing your feedback—and we can’t wait to let you know what direction we’ll take in the next few weeks. In the meantime, the next big step in the development process is choosing and ordering the material. We have high-quality 100% merino from a renowned supplier, that’s used by almost all high-end merino brands in the market. It's a 275-gram mini terry fabric with great mechanical stretch, making it incredibly comfortable. In addition, the terry on the inside makes it more versatile in different temperatures, allows it to dry faster when wet, and makes it easier to take care of than a brush back fabric. As we get ready to place an order for this material, we also need to decide on colors. That's where you come in! We’ve looked at all the trend reports and comments on our first merino hoodie and narrowed it down to five colors. First up is black. It’s a no brainer, a classic we feel we need to have. Next, after the first round of our Peak merino hoodie, we saw a lot of you ask for olive and navy. So we’re throwing those into the mix for this round. The last two colors are based on interest we’ve identified across community discussions. By the time we expect to deliver the hoodie, we predict that a darker red called Biking Red and a gray-blue color called Bluestone will be filling up everybody’s closets—so we’re adding them to our list of potential options.    This hoodie will be available in both men's and women's fits and sizes. Solid Color Options

Color-block Options
  Based on your input here, we’ll choose two or three colors and move forward. So stay tuned and let us know your thoughts in the comments!
Grant Gregory, DominicSaavedra, and 18 others

blue on blue looks alright. not a big fan of red on green or brown on green
Definitely bluestone and biking red
Also, solid only
I am so attracted to deep reds like the biking red it makes me consider buying things I don’t even need.
olive and bluestone
Solid Jet Black looks really good!
Not a fan of the color block idea. Love the Blues and Green. Please make sure the length is good.
I like the solids. Red, black probably at the top of my favourites. Not a fan of the colour blocking options though.
Also, you need way more drop on the hem in back.
Color blocking, just no red on top—ever. That is fug, especially the red top block with green lower, seriously, what the fug?
Black or Bluestone. solids.
any of the solids
Solids. I prefer greys, olive, and black
navy olive and bluestone solids. no blocked colors
Olive and Black is +1
Solid only, either of the blues, the olive, and the black because for some reason people like wearing black.
Solids, those blocked colors are ugly. Of your 5 boring color choices, black is best. But if you were to be not-boring, I like violet.
i like colors too but i am afraid the two of us are in the minority with that preference and sadly our material supplier has minimum order quantities that will not allow us to do smaller badges of fun colors. For now bluestone is actually a really nice light color and when the drop is successful we will try to ad some brights for the rerun
Solids: Jet black, Majorca Blue, Biking Red. Color block: Jet black + Majorca Blue / Majorca Blue + Biking Red
My choices are the solid bluestone and jet black. The blocked colors do not appeal to me at all!
black, olive or olive/black are probably what I'd pick
Will the pocket flap of the half-zip match the upper or lower color on the color-block options? I noticed the red render matches the upper while the other colors match the lower -- I think matching the upper looks better as it results in less lines. Are we choosing between solid and color-block, or just the colors that will be available in both? I've never really liked olive, I think dark colors tend to match better, so I'd choose black / blue / red (that color-pop is nice). Is the red close to burgundy or brighter? Also, just wanted to double-post about magnetic snap closures instead of zipper on the half-zip.
Biking Red + Majorca Blue and JET Black
I am colorblind so I buy all of my clothes in brown, green, grey, and black. That way everything matches and I don’t feel like an idiot wearing two different reds or blues that don’t work together.
I'm a woman and I love the olive. Next up, red/blue and finally red. I have white pets, so black is out and finding fabrics that can get shed on and not trap the fur for eternity is in. I have a gray mixed merino Odessa hoodie from SmartWool that I love, but I've owned it so long, it's falling apart. I love that it doesn't trap fur and it's water resistant, yet breathable. I don't really own half zips, but I like full zips, but I might consider one for the colorblock.
The solids look great! Especially the majorca blue, olive, and bluestone. As for color-block: my vote is for the olive/black and majorca blue/bluestone.
Biking Red, Bluestone and Navy; NO colorblock; my closet is full of black
I like all the solids but only the olive/black for the color blocks
Color-block Options 
I really like the color blocks, not interested in a solid color hoodie at all. red/blue, red/olive, blue/blue ranked in that order.
solid red and the blues are good