May 22, 2019
My version of the Seiko SNZG13. I bought this watch used about two years ago from eBay, I almost sold it twice, then while starting to mod I broke the original crystal so it went into my draw. I bought a watch just for this dial you see here for one of my SKX’s but at the time I did not know dials that fit 3 o’clock crown watch aren’t a direct fit on 4 o’clock crown Seiko’s. So I found a new home for this dial in my SNZG, and it still sat in my draw for almost another year until I started work! All the lume on the chapter ring wasn’t straight and instead of ordering a new one which isn’t easy to find I sanded the markers off then I had to cut some of the chapter ring back to show the ring around the dial properly. I added the hour/minute hands from my Turtle and second hand from my SNK809 with a domed Blue AR coated sapphire crystal on a grey BluShark nato strap. I think it came out better than I expected.
Bobraz, Phly, and 1 other

Came out great, IMO! You've got a great looking field watch for summer.
Thanks, I didn’t expect it to come out this good but it did 👍🏿
Yeah man, for a frankenwatch it all works together really well.