Drop X-Mid 2P Tent Designed by Dan Durston
Jul 3, 201914077 views

A Tent Built for Two

We Heard You! The Massdrop X Dan Durston X-MID 1P Tent has been by far the most successful outdoor product in Drop’s history. No other product has seen engagement even close to the levels we saw on the 1P tent. Over 5K of you have hit the request button, 2K comments have been made in the discussion, and so far 45 reviews have hit with an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars. But there was one thing that many of you have been asking for that up until today we could not give you: a two-person version! We teamed up with Dan Durston again and got to work. We kept the basic design, two big vestibules, and the need for only two trekking poles. With the 2P, however, we made the inner wider so two people can comfortably sleep next to each other. An inner footprint of 47” x 92” offers enough space and guarantees a great night sleep even for the tallest of hikers. With the new, roomier inner, we updated quite a few construction details like the position of the vents on the fly and the pockets on the inside to make them easier to access. We did quite a few prototypes, evaluated all kinds of detail solutions, like magnets as fasteners for doors and vents, but dismissed the idea after testing it in the field.  We went out and tested the tent next to glaciers in British Columbia and in the deserts of the southwestern United States. We endured rain, snow, wind and even a sandstorm, and the prototypes held up well. We also sent it to a lab to get the materials tested and tortured to ensure it passed the most rigorous of tests.
Now we are ready to share the Drop X-Mid 2P Tent with you and hope you are as excited as we are. Stay tuned for more on this project.  — Michael Bretz Collaborations Team, Outdoors & Ultralight
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Dan what size poles would you recommend. I bought some 123cm DAC tarp poles for my 1 person XMid would be great if I could use them for this?
Those poles will work nicely. The 2P is slightly taller than the 1P but still less than 123cm so those will work well. The 1P tents to pitch around 116-118cm and then the 2P around 118 - 120cm, so you'd have it slightly less angled in the 2P.
With the vents moved to the side, how is it intended to insert the poles during setup? They were in the perfect place for it on the 1p, are you still supposed to use them on this but just reaching a bit further/around the inner?
It works exactly the same for setup! they are still right next to the peaks, just moved over 90degrees onto the next panel. This small change allowed for a simpler, more durable and lighter door construction. While testing we did not see any issues with opening them from inside the tent as the inner is only on one side the pole/peak the vents are just as easy to reach as they are on the 1P
The peaks are set back the same distance from the side walls and the end walls, so regardless of which wall the vent are on, it's the same difficulty (reach) to insert the pole via the vents. So you can still use the vents to insert the poles, or use the doors (no problem to unzip the door and insert the pole to the correct height while the door is open). The advantage to the vents on the end walls is that it allows for a taller doorway, so it's a bit easier to get in/out. A nice tweak but relatively minor.
so the footprint is 47 inches... what does that make the width of the inner?
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cool. so do you know what the dimensions of the whole-tent rectangle are?
Depending on how you pitch it will be around 102"x88"
Any update on when this will be released?
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Haha, your guess is as good as mine! ;-D @dandurston had this to say last year when someone asked about the X-Mid 2p: "We launched the 1P on July 9, 2018 and it's on track for delivery in mid-April 2019 (9 months). I hope the 2P can be more like 6-7 months but that's mostly just me hoping. Massdrop handles all the production management so I don't really know." (From the 1p discussion) I bought a Drop leather bag that was the second version, and that one was about a six month wait. No idea if past performance indicates future performance here... ;-) (Most drops aren't like these ones, usually they're for existing products, so the wait time is 4-6 weeks usually, but check the estimated ship date for each drop, because they really vary with the manufacturer. Drop has a few in stock items in different categories. -- those ship fairly quickly.)
we are working with the supplier right now figuring these last little details out and will have that info for you at launch.
“We” 😅.... WE, all know it was Dan the man, with the plan.
It will be available really soon.
I've been kicking around a lot of design ideas. For a 2p tent, we have 4 poles, would 4 make for more space and or better design considerations? My wife an I also splurged on backpacking chairs, seems like there is a lot of wasted poles in them thar chairs, would love to make them do double duty in tent setup. Either way, I'm excited to see what this looks like.
Until recently, Tarptent offered the Saddle 2 which uses 4 trekking poles for a 2P tent. I thought it was clever and indeed the 4 poles adds volume, but it wasn't that successful perhaps due to issues with the execution or perhaps because people like their 2P tents to also be usable for 1P, and if you carry the Saddle 2 for just 1 person then you're stuck carrying more poles. So I agree there are some cool options out there for a 4-pole, 2P tent. It's hard to think of a geometry that works well (e.g. if you have 3 or 4 tall poles you almost inevitably get a flat roof that wouldn't shed snow) but something must be possible.
My favorite use for extra poles are to prop up the door (with an extra guyline) to make a sort of porch/awning...
As of last year and the first design of the tent. I was asking questions about a two person verson, so glad to see someone who listens to the community. Thank you Dan & Drop!
I love the design. Would be awesome to have a DCF option.
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I'm making a decision between this tent and the BA Tiger Wall Platinum for my AT thru when the next REI coupon comes out so I hope it's the earlier date!
You are correct, the material can not be sewn. it would just tear apart like perforated toilet paper along the seam because it is so thin. It's all bonded but even thats tricky as barely anything really wants to stick to it.
Anyone know the weight?
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I think they need to average weights from several tents to come up with the correct number, but IIRC, for everything (the tent stuff sack, inner plastic bag, tentfly, tent inner, 8 stakes, stake sack, and attached cord), it was roughly 1190g / 42oz.
thanks for pitching in, you are absolutely correct!
It'd be a nice option if it was possible to purchase tent only, without stakes included. The tent is clearly targeted to enthusiasts and and some of us have our own preferences in tent stakes too. Receiving titanium hooks only to resell or give away feels just needlessly wasteful. On the subject of tent innner, it's really hard to say and hard to choose, both mesh, solid, and hybrid inners have their own pros and cons that are hugely further modified by design of the tent overall and the fly.
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We were originally going to sell the tent without stakes, but we realized some people wouldn't be aware of this, and would be disappointed to receive a tent which they can't pitch if they don't own stakes. So we decided to include some low cost stakes that hardly change the price. In terms of wastefulness, I agree that a lot of people will have their own preferences (I like DAC J-stakes for the 4 corners myself) but I think these skinnier/lighter stakes are still often helpful for most people. Even if you like a more substantial stake (as most will) these are still helpful for less important stake points like the doors etc. So most people should at least have some use for them. At present including these is a compromise between the options, but down the road it would be great to offer the tent with a variety of stake options including no stakes, wider stakes etc. My personal setup is: 4 x DAC J-Stakes (for 4 corners) 2 x Ti Hooks (for 2 doorways) And then if I'm expecting weather I will add two more hooks or DAC stakes for the peak guylines.
You are right, the stakes cost us more than two dollars however the logistics cost of having multiple options would be more than the stakes cost therefore it literally makes no sense. Everyone would be paying more no matter if stakes or no stakes just to have the option. It would be interesting to see what everyones preferences are regarding stakes. Dan already mentioned his preferred setup and I personally prefer DAC J-Stakes as well. We are totally open to changing to a different type of stakes for future production runs if you let us know what you prefer! For now the best recommendation i can give is to put the stakes should you not use them on one of the sites to sell used stuff. They are nice titanium stakes and you should be able to make a few bucks back no problem.
As has been discussed a lot on Trek-Lite. I am one of those who would love to buy this tent....but with a partial solid inner. I know it has been worked on and is a possibility, so please, let's see the XMid 2P offered with the option of a partial solid or a mesh inner tent
For now the tent will come with a mesh inner. we are working with the vendor on finding the right materials and construction for a solid version but both in weight and price this proofed to be very challenging and we don't want to put something out to to the community that isn't 100% solid, excuse the pun...
Glad to hear you are working on it!
Last winter I used the copious notes and detailed explanations that Dan D so graciously provided on the page for his 1P version to sew my own (MYOG) 2P version of his design, and I've used it a handful of times this season already with my son. I can say this is a great design for a 2P tent. The design lends itself to sleeping head-to-toe, but it is also completely doable head-to-head (one of the sleepers will just have the netting a little closer to their head than the other in that case.) The vestibule space is great and it is even better that each person can have their packs covered without having them right in the way while trying to get in or out of the tent. I also really like that the tent is really steady with no guy lines, so even though it isn't freestanding (which I don't care about) it is nice and compact without cords to trip on. Anyway, I just wanted to share that this is a great design for a 2P tent!
Cool!!!! Can't wait.
Well drat !! I want this tent too !! I'm just getting ready to head out for 2 weeks with the dan durston 1 person tent that I got on drop...my only concern is the size with that one. Depending on the weight of this new tent, I would seriously consider this, especially as I sometimes take my pup and the other would be much too small for that.
I think my 1P is supposed to arrive in September. This one is somewhere around 1190g / 42oz for everything (bags, tent, cordage, 8 stakes etc). Lots of room for a person and doggies. Room for two 25" NeoAir pads and then some.
Awesome! Weight?
I agree it does look great! I was just about to make a similar comment about the width, but it looks like Dan already answered this (47" is conservative based on super tight pitch and 50"+ is more typical). Since the width might be an issue for some, I think at some point (not right now necessarily) it would be good to provide more details about the testing. Was it tested with two people sleeping in it? If so, did you use standard width (20”) pads only? Were they tapered pads that were oriented head to toe? What was the approximate height and weight of the testers if two were in there?  Was it (or even the 1p) tested (with the mesh inner) in hot and raining and/or humid weather to ensure good airflow in rainy conditions for humid environments often experienced in the southcentral/southeastern US? I feel like this is environment is sometimes overlooked in some tent designs. Some people are "don't bore me with the details" types, but I could not disagree more. When details about testing, how one went through on determining the approach, etc. are provided, it really shows that a lot of thought was put into it. This is often missing with other tent makers and helps set this one apart in my opinion. Overall I think the tent looks awesome - solid design, perfect color, strong performance. If I could change one thing, it would maybe be a 25D or 30D floor (keeping the fly 20D), but I understand how using the same material for the fly and floor likely keeps costs down and I typically use a polycryo footprint anyway. Two thumbs up! Also, though I can see how it is important to some the have the solid inner, please be keep the mesh inner option as well (as I’m sure you have). Thanks!
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Can’t wait for the “Super”-X-mid size!
If you or Drop want someone to test the tent in the humid summer heat of East Texas or Louisiana then let me know! :-D
What is the weight going to be in this guys?
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Thank you!
Ha! That reminds me of my first night in the Hornet.. I found in the morning the head of my sleeping bag was wet, as it was touching the single wall portion of the head end of the tent. Since then I place my backpack between the end wall and my sleeping bag or quilt. Of course this only works because I'm short... wouldn't be room to do this if you're tall. I'm 5'3" and the Hornet is a very cramped tent. I use it winter camping in Minnesota, and with winter bags being so voluminous, and air pads being thicker, the bottom half of my bag touches the netting. I still love it, but there are a lot of shortcomings. Looking forward to receiving the X-Mid 1p in September to compare headroom. I have a 2007? MSR Hubba Hubba, weighs about 5lbs... I should set it up next to the X-Mid 2p sometime. The 2p feels very spacious like my Hubba Hubba, without all the weight! ...And regarding the Nemo Hornet's durability, I totally caught the damp rainfly in the zipper last time, and now have a nice little tear in the fly... have to figure out how to fix that. Edit: yes, you're correct, no vents on the Hornet.
It seems the tent is not wide enough for two wide sleeping pads (50" for pads vs 47" for tent). Or will they fit if we angle the poles a bit or with a bit of trickery, without making the pitch less solid/stable? This is key for me, as I have another two persons tent which is great, but does anot allow us to use two wide sleeping pads. Can someone confirm/deny this, please?
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That's my favorite sleeping pad for winter camping! 9lb isn't a problem on a pulk, nor is the bulk ;-D
Two Therm-A-Rest NeoAirs in large size (25" x 77") fit fine, either both head ends together, or offset head - to - foot. Here's a picture showing how it looks offset. I had it set up on a mild slope, so one pole was 122.5cm (~48") and the other 125cm (~49").

Yes, solid inner option and optional poles for when trekking poles aren't used.
Great news ! I hope that we can have a solid inner for our european alpine landscapes.
Looks great. Hope there’s a solid inner version.
I saw some of the photos of the prototypes and they had solid inners, and I wonder if it is those inners that stood up well to the "snow, wind and even a sandstorm", if so it would be a shame if the performance that you're hyping was let down because you "dropped" the solid inner.
Please, please give us the solid inner, I need it here in Scandinavia. However then I want to buy both inners for maximum flexibility.
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I was quite cozy in my ZPacks in Patagonia, despite chilly high winds, but I’m careful with site selection. For this trip, I also bought a WM Versalite bag and and Xtherm mat, which I expect to use a lot. I’ve never slept so well on a trip. The combo is not very ultralight, but worth it to me.
I think for colder weather, "modified ultralight" is the way to go :-) shivering at night is "stupid light" :-)
Hope this comes with an option to purchase a solid inner too which is important here in Europe.
Looking good Dan and Drop. I’m impatiently, excitedly, waiting for my 1P to arrive but so keen to explore the 2P details. My toddler son is growing fast and already a super fan of camping out. I’m going to need a bigger tent soon. When is it dropping, Drop?
More details to come soon. This tent will be available for pre-order this month. Stay tuned... :)
First! Also, I've got the 1P X-mid and am severely tempted by the 2P version. Show us the details!