What’s the difference between the HD6XX and HD58X?

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Oct 3, 2019
The 6xx are harder to drive, so a amp/dac may be needed. The 58x should be easy enough to run on a phone or laptop, but a dedicated amp/dac would be advised to get better sound quality and power. Build is mostly the same while the 6xx come in a nice foam case and are midnight blue color while the 58x only come in a cardboard box and are gloss black in color. As for sound summery. The 6xx is smoother, warmer, more mid/upper bass fullness but less sub bass extension. 6xx have slightly more forward vocals. Treble is a bit darker, but overall provides a bit more resolution. Depending on sound preferences you could like either one I prefer the 6xx.
Oct 3, 2019
The 58X doesn't require its own separate amplifier due to its lower electrical resistance (only 150Ω vs 300Ω of the 6XX). But the 6XX is better able to replicate sound with greater fidelity. Very broadly speaking. The 6XX sounds closer to the original sound of the source file, while the 58X has more bass. The 6XX costs more and needs an amplifier; the 58X costs less and runs fine without an amplifier.
Oct 3, 2019
I have both. The HD6XX are definitely worth the premium and, to my ears, have fuller and crisper bass and clearer more defined highs. They are harder to drive, but I feed them with a Schiit Stack or EarStudio ES100. The HD58X feels lacking comparing side-by-side, but on its own is still a very pleasant listening experience.