Oct 6, 2017


I was just wondering, why isn't there any polls or drops for eskateboards? They're really trendy right now and good to go from point A to point, so why aren't there any drops for them, namely the more affordable ones? There are amazing eboards that can be cheap and good, but I can't find anything of that sort here.

I've seen it and I'm glad it got opened again. Surely planning to buy it.
Honestly. If I were still in Seattle. It would be pertinent. Sadly my daily drive is 7 miles. Not including the fact I have commissary to deliver daily. So it is out of the question for me. And I live in the perfect zone for driving to the hot spots. Meaning freeway access easily reachable. Plus it's Arizona. Too hot and this comes from a person who sunbathes 2 hours a day. For me, it's just not worth it.
I feel you bro. It really sounds difficult in your situation to have one of these, but I appreciate that you like the idea. I am sure there are a lot of college students who would love to have electric skateboards at 40% off or so. I'm really amazed by this site deals.