Jul 15, 2016136 views

Black on Black Signature Plastics Profile Sets

Hey Massdrop,
I'd be pretty interested in seeing some HHKB-esque black-on-black keysets in maybe DSA or SA profiles. I was just wondering if anyone else is interested in this, and if anyone would be down for designing this.

MD doesn't works the way you think they would.
Instead they only collaborate with the keyboard enthusiast communities that are formed in Reddit/Deskthority/GeekHack when they decide to use MD as the main outlet to mass deliver such unique keysets you think of like the current GMK Carbon for example.
Ah, I was thinking with the new discussions system they have here, Massdrop wants to develop it's own community that does these sorts of things - not sure how much it has matured yet though. Do you think I should try reaching out on those communities then?
It takes like minded individual members in forums who clicked and are willing to work together to design a keyset. If you are really insterested in designing a set of keycaps best read up Livingspeedbump's post on his site Keychatter.com too.