Oct 19, 2017


When it comes to breakfast I'm often not in a creative or motivated mindset, frequently to reverting to what I know (some form of eggs on toast or porridge). I would love to broaden my horizons, especially away from the more traditional western dishes that I revert to.
So, what do people have for breakfast, and how do you mix it up to refrain from getting bored?

Soaked oat yogurt parfait
- 1/3 cup oats - 1 tbs ground flax - 1 tbs chia seeds - 2 tsps cinnamon - 1 tbs of no sugar added peanut butter (we go for fresh ground if you can find a grocery store which offers it) - few berries / half banana - 1/2-1 cup greek yogurt, ideally non-fat or 2% - splash of ripple milk
We make 10 of these in mason jars for the week on Sundays, mix them up after adding all the ingredients and keep them in the fridge snagging one each morning.
If you really have no choice but to revert, one option is to look at international tastes, or how others are doing it. For example, kaya butter toast or vegemite toast :D
Here's an easy one. Super easy. Get a muffin tin. Spray some non stick cooking spray in the cups. Get some uncooked bacon and take a slice and line each of the muffin cups with the bacon. Pour some egg whites or beaten eggs into the center of the muffin cups. Sprinkle a small amount of shredded or grated cheese on the top of the egg. Pop into a toaster oven or regular oven and cook for a bit, watching every five minutes. Should only take about 10 minutes, but depends on your oven. When they are done, you can pop them out of the muffin cups and you have some really tasty egg souffles.....
I do a lot of skillet egg scrambles. Depending on what I have in the fridge, a cucumber, squash, or pretty much any vegetable gets a dice and in the skillet it goes. Then I scramble some eggs and in they go. Depending on the mood at the time, a bit of shredded cheese has been known to top it all.
Adding a few peppers (I really like Serranos), mung bean sprouts, or pretty much any soft vegetable really changes up breakfast while keep the healthy and cheap eggs from getting boring.
If you want to add some hard vegetables, microwave them first to 'cook' them and soften them up, then brown in the skillet and add the other veggies and eggs.
Oatmeal with dried fruit is another really great option. Some healthy refried bean nachos in the morning is nice occasionally as are deviled eggs. I also eat a lot Korean instant noodles with a couple eggs thrown for something different.
Plus one for Chilaquiles, really easy. just grab a bag of thick tortilla chips, can of enchilada sauce. toss the chips in some heated sauce, fry up or poach some eggs serve them together with some table cream. great breakfast.
But im here to talk about chipped beef on toast. by far one of the most under rated breakfasts IMO. see if your local deli or butcher has dried, chipped beef. pour some heavy cream in a pot, add some flour and butter (i actually use tapioca starch) add the chipped beef and let simmer for maybe 10 min. you could even make it the night before. In the morning heat up the creamed beef in the microwave make some toast (and optional eggs) pour the creamed beef over the toast and boom, great breakfast
One of my favorites is Chilaquiles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chilaquiles Essentially it is crisp tortillas with sauce and eggs on top. I always add meat. It is incredibly versatile and tasty.
Perhaps my all time favorite is Shakshuka. Here's my recipe. I took it from it's Middle East roots and gave it a Southwestern spin. http://youlookicook.blogspot.com/2015/05/shakshuka.html