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Dutch Oven Recipes In Search of

One thing I think would serve the community well here is a few choice cooking books for some of the great items sold here on Massdrop. Two items that come to mind are a cookbook for Dutch Oven cooking and a cookbook for Sous Vide cooking. Of course some blog posts to some great writers on the public webs would be a tremendous help as well. I know when I first started in this hobby I searched for books and while doing so found some great bloggers who had the same passion (in most cases even more enthusiasm than me hahaha). It was a tremendous benefit finding their sites and I would assume would help many others who are now buying cooking items online.
So for those of you who can recommend a dish (doesn't have to be the recipe itself as I would research the recipe online or in the public library) It would be a tremendous value to me.
Definitely bread making items in the cooking community would be a great addition as we near the beginning of seasonal holiday cooking (and who doesn't love bread!)
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We make this lamb tagine, from Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table, in a dutch oven and it's always been a hit with guests.
-Adding to the previously stated bread comments in solidarity--bread was the best thing I've made in my Dutch ove -Biriyani, an Indian rice pilaf (recipe from Serious Eats) -Bouef Borguinnon (recipe from Julia Child) -Vietnamese caramel pork
Thanks for the recommendations! What size dutch oven do you use (qt/litre) when you make the breads?
I am currently working with a 5-qt oven, following the recipe for Peter Rienhart's no-knead bread and the sourdough bread from Breadtopia's website.
My favorite dish is pork sugo.
Super easy
salt and pepper a pork shoulder and brown in the pan, remove it chop some onions and sweat them in the pan, add some minced garlic, maybe one clove, put the shoulder back in the pan. add some chopped celery and carrots and fill the pan about halfway with the stock of your choosing, I use a mix of beef and vegetable , low sodium. cook the crap out of it on low heat till the liquid reduces by half, add more stock till its about half full again and keep doing this until the pork is melt in your mouth tender. break up the pork with a fork while still in the pan.
Add about a cup of white wine, the pork and broth should have a very sauce like consistency, finish it with about a half cup of heavy cream. the sugo is now ready for whatever you want to do with it but will stay ready for at least a couple hours.
you can also add whatever sounds good to you, ill usually add some mushrooms, maybe some sage anything you like really.
I serve it with polenta usually , i make a creamy polenta , just follow the instructions on the package and at the end add a couple nobs of butter and a small package of mascarpone cheese and mix it together.
plop some polenta on a plate, if i have a big party ill put it straight on a big wood cutting board and spoon a generous amount of sugo on the polenta, shave some Parmesan cheese on top add some freshly cracked pepper and you now have one of the best things to touch your tongue.
super minimal work, ill usually make this on a Sunday, ill get up early start it before 10am and just check on it every couple hours. its usually done before Sunday night football!
As far as books go, I really like the Thomas Keller book Under pressure for my sous vide needs as well as the website chefsteps.com