Beginners [Q]: Looking for switches for CTRL keyboard, having almost no in-hand experience. Does the switch need to be clear translucent? Or will the plate LEDs shine even with switch with black/blue/etc. bottom case?

Hi, I have almost nothing to compare it. Right know I am using Kailh Box Brown on Anne pro, which doesn't seem any tactile to me. On the other hand, Halo Clear switches on CTRL are too heavy for everyday typing. I have studied a lot, but the issue is that one half of manufacturers publishes actuation force as the main one, the other half is using bottoming out force as a reference. Also switches are kind of expensive and to order packs of fives or tens means waiting few weeks for delivery to the EU, not talking about many of them parts of Group buys or Not available right now (e.g. Zealios, Novell keyes, almost anything at etc). So I would be very glad if you point me in right direction. Reference point for me are the Kailh brown, but I would imagine something more tactile, but not too stiff, and of course, compatible with the LEDs on CTRL keyboard. Or, whether there is some good guide/article on this topic and I did not find it, I can use a link, but everybody have different point of view and I would gladly use all the advice of community's members. Thanks. And apologies for beginner question.
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Nov 6, 2019
I have some Gatereon brown, cherry mx brown, halo true, and holy pandas if you are looking to switch up....your switches. Lol
Nov 1, 2019
Haata helped to shine light on some things, but force curves aren't the only thing you need to consider about switches
What else would you look at?
Oct 29, 2019
HaaTa has measured a ton of switches and published their force curves here grouped by manufacturer: For example, here is his measured force curve for: