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Jul 23, 2016
I have a shocking confession to make: although I grew up on board and role playing games (D&D, Car Wars, Star Fleet Battles, OGRE, Avalon Hill wargames like D-Day), I hadn't played them in nearly 30 years after getting into guitar and music in middle school and high school...
Then along comes Massdrop's Hobby Shop category, and in the course of barely a year, I have been thoroughly and hopelessly sucked down the rabbit hole, and have become an abject Collector. Similar to my book, videogame and movie habits, I've somehow sunk to the depths of researching, hoarding, organizing, and compiling lists of Haves & Wants, spending far more time curating and stockpiling than even consuming or enjoying.
I have even found myself obsessing over game inserts, organization solutions and sleeving... The abyss grows ever deeper.
Sadly, there is no AA for boardgame collecting.
My only hope is to find some fellow human beings in my locale to help me actually play some of these games, so I can call myself an actual practicing Gamer, and redeem myself from the purgatory of Collecting...
Redemption begins with honesty and accountability, so here I catalog my sins: ===================================================
Games owned + storage solutions: nearly all thanks to Massdrop!!! -------------------------- +Catan: artbin box +Game of thrones: Plano 3600 +Star wars x-wing : feldherr maxi +Star wars imperial assault: broken token insert +Star wars Armada: feldherr maxi +Battlestar galactica: broken token insert +Star realms: box +Android netrunner : broken token insert  (Expansions: What Lies Ahead, Cyber Exodus, 2nd Thoughts) +King of Tokyo: broken token insert +Seven wonders bundle: broken token insert +Seven wonders: duel +Dominion collection: art box - prosperity, hinterlands, alchemy, dark ages, intrigue, guilds, hobby lobby box +D and D lords of waterdeep, scoundrels of skullport - BrokenToken insert +Gears of war: Plano 3860 +Gloom: double deck box case +Pandemic bundle +Mage knight: broken token insert + Lost Legion +Zombicide season 3 rue morgue - Plano 3500 and thin Plano + game insert ordered from Go7Gaming +Hive: custom box +Sushi go +Love letter +Mansions of madness: Plano 4600 +Betrayal at the house on hill +Power grid: trays + Plano small boxes x2 +Galaxy trucker: Plano 3600 +Puerto Rico: Plano 3600 +Space alert: Plano 3650 +Roll for the galaxy: broken token insert +Eldritch Horror: Daedalus insert +Descent: Plano 7771 + expansions +Robinson Crusoe: Plano 3500 and 2 ultra pro deck boxes +Alchemists - Plano 3650 +Bohnanza +Eclipse: Daedalus insert  + ordered Go7Gaming trays +Merchants and Marauders: insert +Dixit bundle: insert +Bloodrage: ordered insert from Go7Gaming +We didn't play test this at all +Coup + expansion +Exploding Kittens +Ultimate werewolf  +Spyfall +Ticket to Ride +1910 expansion  +Bruges +Space hulk 4th and 1st edition +One night ultimate werewolf +One night ultimate werewolf daybreak +Car wars +Code names +SmashUp Complete Collection +Quantum  +Zombicide: Black Plague - insert ordered from Go7Gaming +Dead of winter  +The Others: 7 sins
Want to get: --------------------- Pandemic legacy Twilight struggle Through the ages a new story of civilization Caverna the cave Farmers  Twilight imperium -- too long? +shattered empire Terra mystic Agricola + farmer of moor Mystic vale Dead of winter : long night Martians story of civilization  Castles of burgundy War of the ring Dominion seaside, cornucopia, adventures , empires Brass Le Havre Race for galaxy + Rebel vs imperium  Tzolkin Mayan calendar Eclipse rise of ancients Key flower The Resistance + Avalon  Star Wars rebellion  Mice and Mystics Cash n guns Clash of cultures Snake oil Time stories Carcassone Kingdom death monster Cargo noir Small world  Cthulhu wars The gallerist Pandemonium? Dominant species Voyages of Marco Polo  El grande Concordia Tigris and Euphrates  Alien frontiers Dungeon lords Chaos in old world Shogun Five tribes Neuroshoma hex Pathfinder rise of rune lords Caylus Trajan Dungeon Petz Letters from white chapel Castles mad kind Ludwig Kemet  Runewars? Mage wars arena Manhattan project Sherlock Holmes consulting detective  Legendary encounters: alien  Suburbia Splendor Specter Ops Claustrophobia  Elysium Heroes of normandie Sheriff on Nottingham  Forbidden stars Dungeon time Mysterium + hidden signs Scythe Takenoko  Myth Cosmic Encounter Battle lore Star Trek frontiers Mr Jack Nexus ops Xcom Gladiator: quest for the rudis  Tanks? Imhotep Robo rally Steam time Legends of andor  Giga Robo? Massive darkness Food chain magnate
Miniatures-based games that are lust-worthy: ------------------------------- Drop zone commander Dead zone Infinity - operation ice storm Dust tactics Battle tech Sedition wars? Cry havoc
Passed on: ------------- Trains Munchkins Forbidden Island -- too similar to Pandemic, etc. Machi Koro -- too simple Talisman -- totally fun, but luckily a friend own's a copy I can play :)
Jul 23, 2016
Jan 18, 2017
Are you on Board Game Geek? It's a MUST stop for all addicts!!!!
Jan 18, 2017
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