Kinda lost on cables here. I wanted to go for a balanced setup and bought the same DAC in the image (Grace SDAC). In the instructions it says to use the XLR L and R ports. I can't seem to find super small XLR cables (~3 inches?) that can go from the dac to the amp and not have lots of hanging chord. Also finding it hard to find a 3pin mini XLR cable (from my dt1770s) to 4pin XLR in this amp. Am I just looking for the wrong things? First time getting into a mid-tier level setup so I'm definitely new to this.

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May 17, 2020 I found these super small XLR. i dont know if they work as I have not received my sdac, they do seem to be good quality.
Apr 28, 2020
I like If they don't offer what you're looking for, they can make anything. I'm not savvy enough to build my own.
Apr 19, 2020
If you are looking for a more modular set of cables, try Periapt: Every cable is terminated in mini-XLR on one side, with your desired male/female connector on the other. If you have a lot of different devices and frequently switch cables or need to support lots of weird connections, the only reason to pay more for a cable is for features like this. Otherwise, it is cheaper to buy cable spool and solder your own connectors for unique setups. There are plenty of guides online and you will save a lot of money. Aside: Never fall for cable snake oil. Cables are just copper soldered to connectors with usually bog-standard shielding that all works close to the same. "Before purchase always do a blind AB test between basic cable and any exotic cable, as I have yet to come across any of these special cables that make any difference to the sound. (A good quality cable should neither add or take anything away, so be wary of anybody that says their cable alters the sound)" —Bill "abacus" on What Hi-Fi
The .5 meter are about as small as you are going to get unless you have someone build them or DIY. At that short of distance just about any XLR (amazon basic or monoprice). I have 5m monoprice running from my DAC to my headphone amps (iHA-6/THX 789). At that length I got a small drop in noise and on the Cayin front is fully balanced dual-mono from DAC to headphone out. The THX isn't fully balanced and you have a short run if they are stacked, you can't go wrong on cheap cables and honestly probably won't notice a big difference.