Massdrop x ???? Midrange IEM Collaboration

What midrange IEM collaboration would you like to see? Personally, after hearing the Pinnacle P1, and the value it offers in its price range, I would love to see an Massdrop x MEE Audio collab and see what they could come up with. What other companies would you say fit the position?

Aug 1, 2016
Would love to see an MD x MEE collaboration as well. MEE has always offered a great price-performance ratio. I've owned many of their headphones over the years, starting with the M9. The A161P were my everyday earphones until they were replaced by the Pinnacle P1.
The P1 has intrigued me as well. Personally I would also love to see an Audio-technica push/pull dual dynamic ala the CKR line. With the previous generations being discontinued there may be some "parts bin" items around that could be utilized. I loved the CKR9 and keep eyeing the CKR10 when it dips down to the $165 level.
The push-pull dynamic is definitely worth owning. The bass impact from a dynamic combined with almost BA-like speed is pretty awesome. The 10 is tuned bassier/warmer while the 9 is neutralish with a "live" sound (some upper mid/lower treble boost).
Aug 2, 2016
Thanks for the info. I noticed there's a 'solid bass' version of the push - pull DD - cks1100. I might try to check it out if I can find for a decent price.